Melbourne Auxiliary Bishop Peter Elliott, the Vatican's delegate for the Australian ordinariate, urged Anglicans at a Feb. 26 festival in Perth to take up the pope's offer of "peace."

"I would caution people who still claim to be Anglo-Catholics and yet are holding back," he told The Record, Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of Perth, Feb. 26. "I'd say 'When are you going to face realities?' because there's no place for a classical Anglo-Catholic in the Anglican Communion anymore. Those coming into the ordinariates are the "last fruits" of the Anglicans' Oxford Movement started in 1833 by Blessed John Henry Newman to restore Catholic identity in the Anglican Church."

"Let me quietly invite you to lay down weapons of controversies that are now pointless, to set aside endless intrigues which lead nowhere, to walk away from futile conflicts which cannot build up the body of Christ in charity. Accept the invitation of the vicar of Christ on earth. The gentle man who reaches out to you in 'Anglicanorum Coetibus' has no ulterior motives. His apostolic offer is clear. There is no deception here. He calls you to peace."

COMMENT: His apostolic offer has been clear to most Anglicans from the moment he announced his cunning plan without telling Rowan Williams first. However, the following, "There is no deception here. He calls you to peace," is as clear as mud, as they say.

Anyway, the former Anglican (what a surprise) bishop is talking out of his episcopal bottom and I am sure he is perfectly aware of that. The Oxford movement still imbues most of the Anglican parishes of the world, even those which would call themselves evangelical. Any parish that celebrates holy communion every week does so because of past campaigns by Anglo-Catholics and any priest who wears a dog-collar and/or an alb of any sort owes his or her choice of attire to 19th. Century catholics. There are plenty of high church Catholics who would rather join a Pentecostalist sect than bow down to the bishop of Rome. The Romanist faction in Anglo-Catholicism has always been a very small percentage of the catholic wing in Anglicanism. And the Romanists have absolutely no connection to John Henry Newman whatsoever. Newman was a man of integrity who acted in accordance with his conscience and did not need to validate his decisions in life by attacking his former denomination. The Romanists who stayed in the Anglican denomination (better pay, less rules, get to have sex) have never been people of integrity. They have always been fifth columnists intent on burning down their own house.



  1. Founded by J H Newman in 1833? Well here I thought Bl John Keble had something to do with it.

  2. And what is it that makes “a classical Anglo-Catholic” different from all other Anglo-Catholics?
    Enquiring minds want to know.. . .

  3. When we started going to the Episcopal Church, the liturgy was almost indistinguishable from the Roman Catholic only there was more smoke, more singing, and there was a woman on the altar. so I’m not clear how anyone can claim that the progressive ‘piskies are anything BUT Catholic.

    I think the bishop is deluding himself, but OTOH if he can pull any of the protesters out and put them under the Yoke of Rome, well, it couldn’t happen to better people 😉

  4. he is clearly delusional. I consider myself an anglo-catholic. while I wouldn’t consider joining a Pentacostalist sect as preferable to bowing to Rome, it would have to get rather cold in a certain place before I joined Rome under the current management, or its likely successors for the next couple generations. Indeed, I have a hard time considering Rome as “catholic”, in the all-embracing, big-tent sense of the word.

    wv: “captiva” appropriate for those who submit to Roman jurisdiction