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The Oscars

Now, some naughtiness went down on last week's thread (Just Cause we're Friends, I will not mention the culprit by name). So, although I am not going to restrict the number of comments you can leave each time, from now on anybody leaving more than five comments will forfeit any days off purgatory awarded that week and have 500 days added to their purgatory account. I don't like having to be so authoritarian with you as it reminds me of the isolation inherent in my role as your beloved leader.

By the way, thanks to the person who came up with the abbreviation for this series of posts. I prefer it to the original. Unfortunately I have forgotten whose idea it was.


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  1. There aren’t many famous Oscar are there? I’ve counted 11, but of those I only know 4. No wonder they have a ceremony every year to celebrate.

  2. Didn’t watch them. Didn’t even know they were coming up and so, when, on the next morning I saw the announcement that “The King’s Speech” had taken best picture, and even better, Colin Firth took best actor, I was bouyed up for the entire day!

    I remember the Oscars from my much younger years – black and white telly, and much shorter presentation. No attempt at turning it into a comedy show. At least, that’s how I remember it. The entire family watched it in great anticipation.

    Now, not so much…

    I would share the wv but it would have to be bleeped.

  3. How funny! I was thinking of writing a blog entry today along the lines of “Why can’t they figure out how to make a decent Oscar show?” But maybe I won’t have to now if I can get it out of my system here. But why? Seriously. You’d think after all these years with the same complaint every year (“It’s too long, too slow”) they might figure something out. My first recommendation would be, get rid of the jokey announcers presenting the presenters who will make a jokey annoucement before presenting. I mean, really, is that so hard?

    I feel better already.

  4. Didn’t watch ’em.

    Didn’t watch ’em last year.

    Probably won’t watch ’em next year.

    (I just don’t have the necessary attention span.)

  5. What if they just did the red carpet and catty comments on various dresses without the awards? Would anyone notice?


  6. That’s one of the parts I don’t watch, Jim.
    And I see that I’m the one that will admit that I am shallow enough to watch any part of them, I guess. I missed/didn’t miss the first hour, because I was pretty sure that the opening would be boring. I don’t appreciate Charlie Sheen jokes, since it’s obvious he’s bi-polar. But I did love the winners from the King’s Speech because I am a sucker for Brits and love that they can be so eloquent. I was surprised by Celine’s singing, She actually didn’t go over the top, because it wasn’t all about her and she knew it.

    This will be my last comment on this subject.

  7. If nobody in the US is watching why don’t they put it on at a time us Brits could watch our guys win?

  8. Well, Agatha, that is a good question that makes me want to ask you one. When are the BAFTA Awards shows on TV? I would be glad to see Colin Firth win again! But unless I have cable, I can’t get any Brit shows live or otherwise unless it’s on our Public Broadcasting Stations.

    Sorry MP. I did say I wouldn’t post anymore, but I had to ask. I’m sure the BAFTA Awards show is much more dignified than the Oscar broadcast.

  9. I’m sure the BAFTA Awards show is much more dignified than the Oscar broadcast.

    To the point of being quite boring, Susie Sue.

  10. We watch. Two reasons: First let’s face it folks, movies are the primary popular literature of our age. Second, Sue-z and I think the fashion wars are interesting if not a major item in our lives.


  11. I enjoyed the broadcast, though I missed the first 45 minutes or so. Thought it was far less tasteless than usual.

    Glad “The King’s Speech” did so well. I agree with Jay about the best line. Sweetest and most articulate acceptance speech: Natalie Portman, who was truly loving and gracious toward all who have helped her along the way. Also loved hearing about how director Tom Hooper’s mum was the one who found “The King’s Speech” for him. Demerits to Melissa Leo, an actress whose work I admire so much but who can’t seem to act at awards shows. I think each nominee should prepare a performance to give at the microphone in case he or she wins. This is not rocket science, actors! Just write out your lines, memorize them, rehearse your delivery, and be ready to rise to the occasion. Yours kids will be watching; why make an ass of yourself in front of them and the whole world?

    I thought the gowns were exceptionally lovely this year. After several years of grotesque mistakes by so many beautiful actresses, this year we saw elegance and taste return. Every one of Anne Hathaway’s dresses was smashing.

  12. OK, I’m back! The best 5 words at the Oscars referring to Colin, Geoffrey, and Tom as “The triangle of Man Love. . .” spoken by Tom Hooper
    and “Listen to your Mum.” also said by Tom Hooper

  13. I did not watch the awards, but I looked at pictures of the fashions, and there were some lovely dresses. Natalie Portman’s maternity dress was very pretty. Sandra Bullock and Helen Mirren looked beautiful, as did many of the other women. One exception: Helena Bonham Carter’s dress and hairstyle struck entirely the wrong note with me.

    With enough help, I wonder if it would be possible for me to look beautiful, if only for a single evening.

  14. I asked Tom if he thought I could be beautiful for a night, and he said, “I don’t know about beautiful.” He went on, “You would stand out with your mop of white hair.” How lovely is that?

  15. Just sorry that the AMAZING “Winter’s Bone” didn’t win but very pleased that it had nominations.

    O — and watched off and on.

  16. Having just looked over some pictures of the fashions on the red carpet, I have to say that as usual, in my eyes Halle Berry would take Best Dressed this year. Second would be Scarlett Johansen; I like her played-down, dark maroon dress with the lace accents. The only thing that didn’t quite make her Best Dressed in my mind was her wind-tossed hair; I thought that would be better for the beach.

    But every time I have seen pics of Halle Berry she always looks very classy. WOOF!

  17. Didn’t watch. I was at a spaghetti dinner fund-raiser for Haiti run by the Youth Group at my parish, complete with a talent show. By the time I got home I was too tired to watch.

  18. The whole darn thing, including red carpet commentary. I’m not proud.

    And to prove I watched the whole thing, I’ll tell you MY favorite part was the Short Film winner with his amazing afro, first saying “I should have got a haircut,” and then saying that he would thank everyone who needed thanking on the “Thank you cam” backstage. If only there were such a thing.

    word verification: suffer

    That’s what I’ll do for lowbrow entertainment.