I don't normally post a Prayer List on Sunday (day of rest and all that), but there seem to be a lot of friends in need whose concerns, I believe, should be brought to your attention. There are no prayers for the world etc.

Posted by Kirstin at BAREFOOT AND LAUGHING:

I had an MRI last night. Oncologist called me this morning.

They're small, and not causing edema or shifting of brain contents. But, I have them. They may be responsible for the transitory numbness I've had.

The next step is a radiation oncologist, probably next week. I asked my oncologist how effective that would be. He said it would shrink them, or make them stop growing, or make them go away. There's no telling whether they'd come back.

UPDATE: Here's the e-mail I sent out:

Brain mets. !#$+&^$$#+*%!!!

I had an MRI yesterday. I was told I wouldn't even get the results until Wednesday or so. My doctor called me this morning with the news. They're small, and not causing edema or shifting of brain contents. They may be responsible for some transitory numbness I've had (which was the reason he ordered the test). The next step is a radiation oncologist, probably next week. They'll call me to set that up.

I asked my oncologist how effective radiation would be. He said it would either shrink them, or make them stop growing, or make them go away. So there is hope in that. There's no telling whether they'll grow back.

Had a PET scan last Sunday; I've been suspecting worse lung involvement because I've had a cough for more than a month and my palpable tumors are growing. He didn't have that in front of him. Brain mets take precedence over everything else.

Trying to get in to UCD to be seen. My (Kaiser) doctor isn't opposed to that, but he said that brain mets rule me out of most experimental protocols.

Just got off the phone with Andee. This changes the game in one other dimension. If you are local, we may need you to drive me to radiation. I'll see if I can get anything closer than Rancho Cordova. I don't know how often this will be. If you can be called on for that, please say so.

Pray for wholeness; pray for strength; pray for access to effective treatment.



I'm worn out. All this coughing and sneezing, with eyes watering, not to mention lack of sleep has just worn me out and down. I intend to stay in bed all weekend, thanks to my husband's orders.


Posted by Robert at THIS AND THAT:

Another chilly and miserable day. I had a splitting headache all night - a symptom of my chronic fatigue syndrome - and felt bad enough to cancel what I'd planned to do on the plot.


Posted by Fran at THERE WILL BE BREAD:

I write this post from a hospital in Johnson City, NY. My sister-in-law, Olga, is asleep in the bed a few feet away from me. At her side I can see various containers that collect bodily fluids. At least one of them, connected to a tube that goes into her chest, is not pretty. The changing texture and color of that bag makes me want to scream. If I could scream, I would simply repeat the words, "Stupid effing cancer, I hate you and your ugly magic."

Please read the rest of Fran's post for more stuff to shout at God about.



Moving sucks. No matter how much you know it's the right thing to do, it still sucks. And it sucks even more when you need to adjust to some real world realities . . . like rent, sewer, water, garbage, gas and electric bills; something, thankfully, I never had to deal with in Montana. So that pay raise that came with the job . . . yeah, not so much.

And, of course, this is the time Old Faithful (otherwise known as our 2001 Mazda Protege) decided to quit working on I-5 while Mrs. Ref was coming home from work.

So we keep plugging along as best as possible, knowing that someday it will all come together.


Posted by Lois Keen at RAMBLINGS WITH LOIS:

I was just watching an episode of "House" when I looked up and caught a glimpse of a certain kind of chair and I said to Newlin, "That's an infusion unit". Then they panned back and there it was, the infusion unit. And I felt sick and I couldn't stand to look at it and I wondered why. And suddenly I knew: It's bloody February. The beginning of the whole bloody year. 2007. I had never given it a thought. I even go to the infusion unit twice a year for my Zometa IV. And yesterday I got the reminder for which I've been waiting to return to Norwalk Radiology for my annual post-cancer mammogram. Nothing. In fact I was glad to get the reminder.

But now, here in February, my body remembers the hell of that year. And I just want to curl up in a ball and go away for awhile.



From Arkansas Hillbilly:

I haven't talked about this much because I don't like being a burden, but I have been out of work since last June. I recently applied for a job as a transplant coordinator for a major retailer, and have made it to the final round of the hiring process. I really want this particular job, as it's right up my alley skills wise, so if you and your friends in the blogverse could pray that I either get this job or that a suitable one for me comes along I would appreciate it.


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered this week in New Orleans:

2/14 Donald Brown 22 M Shot Orleans
2/14 Louis Cook 19 M Shot Orleans
2/17 Cornelius Noil 24 M Shot Orleans

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.

If you would like to light
a candle as part of your
prayer, please click HERE,
then click on BEGIN and
follow the instructions.

Our group name is
Laika (case sensitive);
please type this into
the appropriate box
when requested.


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  1. Thanks for posting what I wrote. CFS is a constant drain, and I really struggle with the allotment. I had to give up work because it exhausted me to the point where I couldn’t cope any more. I’m now training to be a voluntary workplace chaplain, so perhaps you could include that in your prayers.

  2. I want you to know the prayers of y’all are appreciated and, in my case, have made a difference. Thanks, everyone.

    wv=latte, which is just what I’m gonna have! Love ya!

  3. Dear God, thank you for MP and the Prayer List. Keep on opening up those wide arms and embrace us with your love. It’s pretty much all that a lot of us here have right now.

  4. Prayers ascending for New Zealand, hearing of the earthquake. [Bosco, any other Kiwis around? Sign in!]

  5. I wondered why I could not get Bosco’s website to come up. I am thinking that he is locally hosted.

    My prayers are with the saints and citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand, and especially Christchurch, as they try to recover and grieve the loss of life, property and peace of mind after this large quake.