Jan at A CHURCH FOR STARVING ARTISTS has posted a piece that many of you will find interesting and will want to comment on. She writes:

I'm increasingly wondering about the correlation between the decline of the institutional church and increasing number of church rules.

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  1. The written rules included corporal punishment in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. The unwritten rules included protecting pedophiles. Why would anyone stay in a club with such rules?

    Why indeed?

  2. The rule I worry about is ‘Thou shalt not argue or be confrontational’. When people get out of order, so often others just let them get away with it, or leave the church, rather than confront them, and try to put a stop to it. The result is, all sorts of domineering little so-and-so’s get away with bloody murder, and people drift away. Sometimes the most godly thing you can do is to be damned awkward with someone!