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This week, as you would expect, our theme is love. And, as a special Valentine Day present to my lovely readers, I am giving you a choice of two (closely related) subjects. You can choose one or the other or go for both.

Your subjects for discussion this week are:

First love and/or teenage crush

My apologies to those of you who may 
have problems remembering back that far.

Off you go then!


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  1. Oh my! At my age, any recollection of a first love has to begin, “as she rode to school on her dad’s brontosaurus…”


  2. Sixty years later I still remember Pat Thornberry and her family closing the doors to the moving van and leaving town forever. We had been best friends for what seemed then like a long time from one end of our block to the other. Our friendship was not hampered by having to cross streets. My heart broke just as surely and painfully as any taller person’s would.

  3. At 17 I fell head-over-heels in “love” with a 45 year old alcoholic ex-army major. He had difficulty seeing further than the bottom of his glass, let alone a love-lorn teenager. Ah Me!

    PS. He wrapped his car round a tree one Christmas Eve and that was that. (that set the pattern for the rest of my life)

  4. Paul T. from jr. high and early high school. Soft sandy blonde hair (and normally I don’t like blonde men; I really prefer the dark, swarthy types), insanely blue eyes, very graceful cheekbones and jawline – and not only was he pretty, he was thoughtful and intelligent and far more mature than 90% of boys his age.

    My friend Ruth found out that I had a crush on him, and she decided to just walk up to him one day and ask if he thought I was cute.

    He said, “no.”

    I figured he wouldn’t think so, because as a teen I took “gawky” to whole new levels, but it killed me anyway. I could have killed Ruth.

  5. PS: I’m curious – has anyone’s first love/crush ever worked out WELL for them? Or do all first love/crush stories end in heartbreak??

  6. Ah, MP, I wasn’t a Viking back then. I was a marshmallow. A wishy-washy, uncertain, hesitant, awkward, whatever-the-opposite-of-a-Viking would be.

    French, perhaps? LOL

    Anyway, you can blame Joe for the Viking thing, and I didn’t hook up with him until 1998.

  7. Oh I just can’t – too shaming, teenage crushes. I had no dates in high school, except an adult man from England which my best girlfriend’s mother foisted on me as a blind date. He has rotten teeth. And he was an adult for God’s sake – what was Mrs. Taylor thinking?!

    I did have one other date – we agreed to go to the Junior Prom together so we could go to the Junior Prom. Duh! He was gay and he was a friend. In the closet of course – it was 1962 in lower Delaware in the U.S. When I went back for my 20th class reunion, I learned David has died of AIDs. RIP, David, and rise in glory.

  8. I had a secret crush on Dale Evans (the Cowboygirl and Partner of Roy Rogers) for her strength and independence but that was a love that dared not speak its name, so I settled for a boy named Richard Bothello who liked Roy Rogers AND Dale Evans.

    He’s married now. Has four grown daughters. Lives in the same zip code where we both grew up. We occasionally “chat” on FB and laugh about where our lives have taken us – or, not.

  9. When I was in seventh grade I had a crush on a boy named Mike who was the first chair clarinet player in band class.

    But of course, all the objects of my infatuations back then were poor substitutes for Leonard Bernstein whom I simply adored! I think I was a little in love with him until the day he died – even after everyone found out he was gay.

    Oh, my. He is greatly missed.

  10. Reader, I married him. We met in high school when he was a senior and I was a freshman, broke up, met again later and got married. It has been 43 years now, some of them awful, some of them damned good. Looks like it’s going to stick.

  11. Oh, Gosh Ellie! Yesss! Leonard Bernstein! My mother took me to a concert and did I fall for Bernstein!
    Remember that wavy hair? He would lean forward and the wavy hair would slip down to his forehead, and he would toss his head back to get the hair out of his face…….Sigh!!!!
    I was 13! I wa sure that he knew I was in the audience…..thank for the memory!


  12. My first girl was a total unmitigated disaster. The wife and I have stayed together for sixteen years, so I suppose that’s success, but relationships are more hard work than romance.

  13. Complicated question.

    In my memories, I have the “Official Crushes” (on boys, and therefore safe to talk about at the time), and the “Unofficial Crushes” (on girls, and perhaps not realized until years later).

    When I was 14, there was M. Ostensibly, my feelings for M was “just as a friend” . . . but then why was I so jealous about her, and her relationships? Why was I so hurt, when she quit the band (jazz band we were both in), w/o telling me first? Why could I not get her out of my head? Why would I obsess re “What will I say to M tomorrow? What will she say to me?” D-rama!!!!

    Ah, “Not Just a River in Egypt”, *LOL*

    Happy Belated V-Day, M, wherever you are… [No, I do NOT Google old crushes—or new ones, either. I am a gentle-queer. ;-/]


  14. Alan, high school sweetheart with eyes the color of cinnamon, gentle, kind, good, devoted to me. I misplaced him for a long time, but now we have been married for . . . almost four weeks! Sometimes things do work out well, Tracy.

  15. Alison, I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but I think Alan may be a bigamist. I received a very similar comment only a few minutes ago. Same M.O. but from a different woman. What I don’t understand is how he managed to keep the two of you from seeing each other on that beach 🙂

  16. Sorry, if he’s a bigamist it’s with me only (quite a neat trick, akin to being double-jointed). I have two Google accounts and I used the other one by accident so deleted it and re-posted.

  17. Dang, we’re still a long ways from 50 (I want my days-off Purgatory, dammit! I mean, purge it!)

    Here’s another story about a “teenage crush”:

    About 6-7 years ago, via a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow&Tara” board, I started the doing the IM’ing thing (HATED that technology. Got OVER it fast, and this story’s partly why).

    A few members of this board started IM’ing me. Some were rather flirtatious…

    …and one such flirty IM’er, told me she was 15! I FREAKED the f@ck out!!!! :-O

    I *immediately* disconnected the thing (AIM: AOL Instant Messenger. Anybody remember that one?). Only being a tech-unsavvy Old Fart, I didn’t do it very well…

    …and the 15 year-old reconnected w/ me! “I’m still here, neener-neener-neener!” or somesuch.

    I then more thoroughly disconnected it.

    Yikes, of all the problems I did and do NOT need, *JAILBAIT* has gotta be near the top o’ the list!