Having been added to the Axis of Evil due to their promotion of hunting wolves on their property, the blood hungry citizens of Sweden must have decided to go for broke and become the number one international pariah. Their government has announced that they are going to replenish their wolf stock from abroad so that  they have plenty to shoot at next year.

The killing of healthy dogs and cats, of any species, is an abomination. They are our kin folk. Okay, killing a wolf is not as bad as killing a domestic dog, which would be like murdering your own child. But it is as bad as murdering somebody else's child.

MadPriest says:


OCICBW... will be arranging a ceremonial burning of ABBA CDs and vinyl outside the Swedish Consulate in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the near future. Demonstrators will be encouraged to take their dogs with them - fully armed.

Full details of the cruelty of Swedes can be found at THE LOCAL.

PLEASE NOTE: MadPriest is fully aware that Americans also pay to murder wolves (and anything else they think they can get away with), but the world expects that sort of behaviour from its primitive peoples. However, we have higher expectations when it comes to the Swedes. They are always boasting about how civilised they are. But, Mama Mia! They are lying.



  1. Do the Swedes gather hordes of hunting dogs, dozens of mounted hunters, and take off across the fields leading to the horrendous ripping apart of the poor little prey by dozens of dogs — a very small, very simple, rather attractive wee beastie called “a fox”?

  2. We banned that, J. J. a few years back, along with hare coursing and other so called blood sports that involved ripping other animals to shreds. Which just goes to show that a society can evolve into something more civilised than its least civilised member.

  3. Ah, yes, fox hunting.

    The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible.

    :insert evil grin here:

  4. :snicker:

    wv: vonsowe

    I think that’s the surname of one of my Dutch or German ancestors. heeheehee

  5. If you want to see the consequences of killing wolves, look at the Highlands of Scotland. They’re overrun with deer, since there are no wolves to eat them, and what should be pine forest is now open moor, with a fair bit of soil erosion.

  6. I boycott IKEA because it is largely cheap European crap made with veneered chipboard for most of the wood parts, and that stuff has no innate structural integrity; if it gets at all wet, it will disintegrate. Most Danish furniture I’ve owned in the past is like that too. They should ban making furniture chipboard with non-waterproof glues. Humbug…..

  7. They have hunts in Michigan, in fact the area is called The Metamora Hunt Country. I have cousins who own a sesquicentennial farm in the area. Old Isle of Man money!!