From CNN:

Security forces clashed with anti-government protesters chanting "change the power" in the Algerian capital of Algiers on Saturday. About 100 protesters were detained, according to the Algerian League for Human Rights, one of the main opposition groups that organized the rallies. The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, with police rounding up protesters in small groups to break up the crowds.


Yemeni protesters and government supporters clashed briefly in the early hours of Saturday morning in the capital San'a. No injuries were reported.


From AFP:

The United States pivoted from delight at Egypt's revolt to hiking political pressure on arch-foe Iran Friday, charging that the leadership in Tehran was "scared of the will of its people." The White House said that Iranian leaders should give their people the same chance to express their will as Egyptians seized for themselves -- and noted that instead, Tehran had threatened to kill any protesters.



North Korea has ordered all its embassies to appeal to foreign governments for food aid in a sign of growing desperation in Pyongyang, according to diplomatic sources.

In November the WFP and FAO warned that the majority of North Korea's people faced continued hunger this year after harvests were affected by unusually bad weather. North Korea has been hit by repeated famines in recent decades, particularly when bad weather has exacerbated the effects of inefficient collectivist farming practices and a shortage of mechanisation. The situation was particularly acute in the mid-1990s, when between 600,000 and more than 2 million people are believed to have died. China, which has long served as North Korea's food supplier of last resort, faced its own food crisis as a result of a sustained drought, and that may have an impact on Beijing's food deliveries.


From Dah·veed:

Prayers for the communities of El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua as they morn the lives of two US teens visiting a teen friend in Juearaz where the three were all murdered while visiting a car dealership.



Thank you all for your prayers for May Casey. I buried her today. A tremendous loss for our little flock. May was 60 and died very quickly and peacefully from ovarian cancer. She was due to fly out today for a holiday in Dubai. I know she's checking in somewhere else.


Posted by Seev at SEEVSPLACE:

The cat, named Bunky, had to be put down today. He was Kate’s cat and I was fond of him because he was so big and funny and pretty.


Posted by Cecilia at (UN) CLOSETED PASTOR:

Five years ago tonight I was sitting on my couch when the phone call came from my brother, to tell me that my mother had died.

It seems, this week, that about every other word out of my mouth has been a quote of something my mom said often, or would have said. She is very much with me. And the experience of losing D. this week, who was so like my mom in personality and temperament, has brought it all home that much more. So. Praying today in gratitude for this extraordinary woman. She is with me still.


I ask your prayers for Sandi.

"Will you please include me on your prayer list? Things kinda rough right now. Feel very dark. Love, Sandi."

May Light surround her and radiate from within her.

For my nephew Jay who had part of a root canal done yesterday but it needs to be finished next week.

For Diane who has challenges on multiple fronts right now.

For my sister Shirley who recovers from the fender-bender but has a lot of medical catch-up to do.

For my grandniece Hannah who celebrated her birthday yesterday (12 going on 16, says her grandmother).

For myself in that I came down with a chest cold yesterday. Stayed home today and spent many hours sleeping. Plan to continue that all weekend. Among the many with no paid sick live, so I need to get back to work as soon as prudent. Pray for healing and prudence.

For Nate and Ken who move through difficult transitions.



A new era dawned in Egypt on Saturday as this nation of 80 million — and hundreds of millions beyond its borders — began to absorb the fact that an 18-day mass movement of nonviolent protest brought down a 30-year military dictatorship and renewed the country’s lease on life. Thousands lent a hand to a volunteer clean-up of Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the new Egypt. Sanitation trucks deployed on its outskirts and soldiers removed some of the barricades surrounding the square.

From CNN:

Two hostages freed by a Colombian rebel group reunited with their family members in the country's capital Friday.

Speaking to reporters, one of the freed hostages called for renewed dialogue between the government and insurgents.

"Humanitarian exchange is the first step toward a friendly understanding, which permits the return of our brothers deprived of their liberty," politician Armando Acuna said shortly after he was released by the FARC leftist guerrilla group Friday.

Marine Henry Lopez Martinez was also released Friday and met family members at an airport in the country's capital.

"This is the most beautiful moment of the liberations, the loving reuniting of the families. For this, all the effort is worth it," former Sen. Piedad Cordoba, who helped coordinate the humanitarian mission to free them, said in a Twitter post.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 12TH. FEBRUARY 2011 — 15 Comments

  1. Prayers ascending.

    And a thanksgiving: the Seen-It-All crowd is already poo-pooing it, but I’m really grateful for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” A song that gets me: who’d a thunk it? [And it’s a great bit of evangelism—of the actual GOOD News—too!]

  2. {{{Cathy}}}

    (Nice to be able to send a virtual hug, since I’d only give you a real one now via a hazmat suit! ;-X)

    Prayers for your speedy recovery.

  3. Awww thanks JCF … Your strategy re the hazmat suit is probably a good idea. I have been awake all night with a fever and at about 6am started throwing up and kept on doing so long past the point where there was anything left to bring up. Today I tried to get a tiny piece of toast in me by way of trying to settle my stomach but just couldn’t swallow it. I am not a happy bunny at all.

  4. Dearest Cathy, I’m so very sorry you are ill. It sounds like the ‘flu, doesn’t it? Do get some medical attention if you get much worse because that’s not something to be fooled with.

    I wish I could be there to bring you soup and fix you a hot toddy!

  5. awwww, Ellie, that’s so sweet. I wish you were here to bring me soup and a hot toddy too!

    Mad Priest, it might be only girlie flu, but that makes it much more serious than man flu.

  6. but that makes it much more serious than man flu.

    Oh yes. Not as horrible as man flu, of course, but, I expect we will all be expected to take it very “seriously” in deed.

    I don’t know, women nowadays have no stamina. When my mother was your age, Cathy, if she had the flu she would still spend the day working down the mine, give birth to twins(without an epidural) and get home to cook my father’s tea, without a murmur of self pity. You young ones don’t know you’re born 🙂

  7. … I’d rather Ellie just brought me a hot toddy if you don’t mind, Mad Priest. I’m not quite up to working down t’mines today 🙁

  8. Since I’m already hazmat-suited, Cathy, if you want me to knock some sense into the Toxically Bilious One, Cathy, just say the word… ;-/