1st. June, 1926 to 5th. August, 1962

Possible answer to the questions:
"What is the American dream?"
and "What is the American tragedy?"

A woman who always aimed higher than she could possibly achieve and who often achieved what she was aiming at. I love all the films she appeared in with the exception of "The Misfits" which I rate second only to "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf" as most depressing film of all time.

I'm listening to a book about her at the moment,
written by her dog, Mafia Honey.

So, what are your thoughts on this week's icon and what is the most depressing film you have ever watched?


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  1. She was someone who tried to break out of the confining roles and rules Hollywood had in mind for her, but ultimately her inner demons did her in. On the other hand, she was far more intelligent and creative than many gave her credit for. As for the most depressing films I’ve seen,I’d have to say two: “Conspiracy” with Kenneth Branaugh, and “The Grey Zone” with David Arquette.

  2. Elton John said it all…

    She died in the wee hours of my parents’ wedding night and I was born 9 months later…just sayin.

    Depressing movies aren’t necessarily bad movies…

    The Sea Inside
    The Children’s Hour
    Boys On The Side
    Longtime Companion

  3. So, Jack Kennedy was probably not your father then, Larry 🙂

    I think that if you come out of the cinema feeling depressed then it was probably a bad film. If a film is about depressing stuff but it is well made etc. then I think ones artistic appreciation balances out the depressiveness and you leave the cinema feeling something other than depressed. If you get my drift.

    So, in summary: Yes, a depressing film doesn’t have to be a bad film, but bad films are depressing.

  4. Recently I saw a truly depressing film called “Osama”. Story about a girl whose father is dead. She live with her Mom and Grandmother. Mom has to go to work, takes the girl who is in constant danger because she is a girl and out without a male relative. they are constantly terrified. So they cut her hair and dress her as a boy. But then she is forced to go to Madrassa and the Mos ue. (Keyboard is missing the letter between P and r) and to training to be a male person in that country. Absolutely terrifying movie, full of fear and injustice. No glimmer of hope, cannot remember such a sad movie or such a hopeless place for women!


  5. She was such a beauty! And wasn’t she wonderful in Some Like It Hot?

    I’ve always loved this quote of hers:

    “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

    The most depressing movie that immediately springs to mind is Elvira Madigan.

  6. Depressing movies aren’t necessarily bad movies…

    True, but depending on my own head, I may not be able to take it (some good ‘uns on your list, renz).

    Grizzly Man
    Black Robe
    Mulholland Drive
    (one of my favorite movies, despite the depression factor)
    Island of the Blue Dolphin
    In the Company of Men

    [I’m sure I can come up w/ more]

    In addition to “Grizzly Man” I can think of a number of depressing documentaries (guess that’s not surprising, real life being what it is).

    There was a NOVA ep, where a group of plane enthusiasts were repairing/flying out a WW2 era plane, frozen in time in Greenland. Not only did one of the crew die in the effort, but JUST as the plane was about to take off, it caught fire and burned. The narrator concluded (as the embers were cooling) “as the plane is on the frozen lake, when it melts, the plane will be lost forever.”

    Then there was an ep of one of those medical reality shows, I think “Johns Hopkins, 24/7”. Not only did a number of patients die in the ep, a subscript said that even the patients who’d appeared to do WELL all died too. And the end of the ep, a slide came on: the heroic cancer doctor—whom we’d seen at home w/ his young family—“had a sudden heart attack and died.”

    That show was one long theodicy-inducer. Oy! 🙁

  7. Letters From Iwo Jima

    Good choice—but at least the young baker survived (happy spoilers don’t count ;-/)