1. Actually, as the Stock Token Atheist Who Pops Up Unexpectedly On Occasion To Refute, I am going to point out there is such a thing as free postage.

    I am aware of the publically known case of one (IIRC, British) woman who used to make her own stamps, artistically but illegally. In almost all cases of her sent letters, the Post Office never noticed the stamps were fake.

  2. You are most certainly not our token atheist, Gurdur. In fact, OCICBW… prides itself on the number of atheists who visit the blog without evil intent 🙂

    I accept your point re the stamp faker but I was really referring to those lying bastards who seem to think I was born yesterday who try to get me to by stuff from them with the downright lie that postage and package is free when, of course, it the so-called free postage and packing is costed in.

  3. Now that’s funny about the home made postage stamps.

    Thanks for explaining your “thought for the day”, O Mad One. It’s still early in the morning over here and I’m a bit slow…

  4. The woman who made the stamps could probably have earned more in the time and paid for the stamps, hence not free postage.

  5. As the late Robert Heinlein had it, “TANSTAFL” or There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch. He proposed putting that on the flag and making it the National Motto. I have for some years thought he had a good idea there.

    The love of God is free. Every thing else carries a price, hidden or not.


  6. I’m a bit tired today and what with these transition “bifocals” that I am trying to adjust to screw me up at times…

    I was doing a quick scroll down and for a brief moment thought it said, “There is no such thing as free bishops.”