From Jane R:

As many of you know, I have had a pen pal for about a year through Project Link of People of Faith Against the Death Penalty. His name is Martin Link and he goes by Marty. Marty has been on Death Row in Missouri for some years and recently received an execution date of February 9. That's Wednesday. If Missouri is like California (I am not sure if it is), the killers will put Marty to death not long after midnight on Tuesday.

It is possible that Marty will receive a stay of execution. His lawyers are working on this. There is, however, no way of knowing this till very close to the last minute.

My stated commitment has been to write once a month. Since Marty wrote me about his execution date, I have been trying to write him every day. It's possible he will be around for a lot longer than Wednesday - there is no way of knowing at this point - but I wanted him to have a lot of company after his move to the new prison: he has been there since around the time he wrote me last month and I have been writing with the knowledge that these might be his last days.

I know several of you have already joined me in remembering Marty in prayer and I am writing to ask you to continue holding Marty in your hearts and in the prayers of your communities of faith and practice. He has committed crimes. He is also a child of God, as all of us are. Please pray for Marty, child of God.

These quotes are from Marty's letter to me:

" ... I am doing well given the circumstances."

"I am being treated very well here at the Bonne Terre prison."

"Nobody knows how all this is going to play out except for God himself."

"I can tell you that since I've received my execution date God has been really working in my life and answering prayers. For instance, after 21 years I finally was able to talk to my daughter. That was one of my prayers."

"Should I receive [a stay of execution], it won't come until the last day or so. My lawyers have some issues they plan to use in hopes to get me a STAY."

"Please know that I am at peace with whatever may come my way. ..."



Several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah will be evicted to pave way for two new buildings meant to comprise 13 apartments. The Jerusalem Municipal Committee for Planning and Building is expected to approve Monday the construction of two buildings that will include 13 apartments for Jewish residents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem.


Posted by J. Michael Povey at POVEY PRATTLE:

My English friend Winifred Bees died at her home in Bristol, U.K. on 4th Feb 2011. She leaves her husband Tom, and their only child Lesley (who is married with one child). Winifred was a noble person - the very best of Englishwomen.


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I have the flu. Regular blogging will resume when the shivering, chills, feverish spikes and sweating stop.




Egyptian anti-government protesters have welcomed the release of a Google executive who disappeared in Cairo last month after playing a key role in helping demonstrators organise. Wael Ghonim was released on Monday by Egyptian authorities.



With the announcement of final voting results, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan said Monday that his government would accept the choice of the long-embattled region of southern Sudan to separate from the north, setting the stage for the creation of the world’s newest country this summer.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 8TH. FEBRUARY 2011 — 6 Comments

  1. I received an (indirect!) death threat yesterday, for being . . . Christian. From another queer. [The threat was made—if you can believe this—in the context of a story about a PRO-gay church attended by a lesbian couple and their kids. I didn’t react very well to the threat, FWIW.]

    I love hanging out at Joe.My.God. but if this sort of violent anti-Christian atmosphere continues… [Please pray for “Merv”, who made the threat. Who knows what kinds of gawdawful treatment he’s received from Christianists.]

  2. Who knows what kinds of gawdawful treatment he’s received from Christianists.

    Possibly. Or possibly he’s just a nasty, little twat.

    Twatishness is not gender specific.

  3. In that case, pray even more for him! ;-/

    [Including the famous prayer, famously quoted in “Fiddler on the Roof”:

    God bless and keep the Czar . . . far away from *us*!]