The mother who let her openly, effeminate, five year old son dress up as Daphne from "Scooby Doo" for halloween (a costume in which he looked so cute that even grumpy, Halloween -hating MadPriest would have handed out a whole jar of candy if the young lad had knocked at his door), has been excommunicated (literally) by the pharisee of a pastor at her church. Read all about it HERE.

Thanks to D. Gregory Smith for posting this story on his blog, FROM ETERNITY TO HERE.



  1. unbelieveable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The church has a lot to answer for. They are talking about a 5 year old boy in a halloween costume for goodness sake, not a mass murder (although even then I would still expect some help and support for the poor woman).
    Makes me wonder what on earth I am getting into…

  2. Why? Why do churches do such mean and spiteful things? Why do they do it? It’s not only mean, it’s stupid. You’ve just pissed off a mother who blogs.

    Sadly believable.

  3. Stick with us, Red. Then, when the church gets too embarrassing you can say, “I’m not with them, I’m with that lot over there.”

  4. I was struck that the other mothers’ behavior reflected typical homophobia. However, the church’s behavior seems to be much more focused on power and control and how the internet threatens that power and control. It all just sounds so very familiar. The issues MP has faced. The issues Jack has faced. My own labeling in the diocese as one of those “bad bloggers” that took down KTF. The powers that be don’t like not being able to control their sheep.

  5. I’m about ready to start a movement w/ the slogan “I’m not a Christian—I follow JESUS!”

  6. “I was not asked how Boo was doing.”

    Sums up a lot, eh?

    Good to see OCICBW readers at nerdy apple bottoms blog leaving encouragement.

    Bene D