There seems to be a growing acknowledgement in the Anglican blogosphere that the Dublin meeting went well insomuch as there were no huge fights. If peace is the benchmark of success for a meeting of primates then I must concur. Furthermore, for once, I think that the Grand Tufti has been politically very astute in deed. The last thing he needed was for this meeting to go wrong and so he worked out the best way of making sure that all his colleagues remained happy. He designed the meeting so that most of it was concerned with the role of primates in the church and, from the beginning, he personally emphasised the uniqueness of primacy in the church, telling the other primates that they were very special, they were "first amongst equals" with the emphasis very much on "first." Faced with such flattery the delegates sunk into a blissed out state of self-importance and, like a classroom of children who have been told by their teacher that they have ALL done very well, they stopped fighting each other for the seat at the right hand of their messiah.

Machiavelli move over! There's a new man in town.

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