Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

This is truly dreadful and there's a whole album full of stuff equally as bad as this.

I'm giving away 200 days off purgatory to anyone who gets all the way through it, which I will increase to 500 days if you can honestly say that you are a fan of classic, soul music.

I warn you, though. Some of you are going to cry real tears.



  1. Nope. None for me—I bailed after 42 seconds. That’s beyond awful!

    wv: dingly It’s beyond that, too.

  2. I guess 14 seconds won’t get me any credit. On the other hand it will increase my status as a music fan! These people should be jailed!


  3. 500 days credit, please: I stuck it out to the end, transfixed with fascination and horror! I mean, what? Why?

  4. Up to :14 it wasn’t too bad. Then the singing started. At about :25 I bailed out. I would rather spend 200 days in purgatory than listen to the rest of this thing.

  5. Its like someone left a cassette tape on the dashboard of their car and it warped and then they dropped the tape in the swimming pool.

    Actually, remember that scene in The Exorcist where they are playing the tape of the demon screamming in Pig Latin?

    I never thought humans could make sounds like this.

  6. All righty then—-I claim the whole enchilada. I survived by drinking heavily and breaking halfway through it for Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News to describe our Yank winter weather. The Bride and I are waiting for a merciful God to make it all go away.

  7. At 1min50sec it goes sorta offkey. I’m now at 2:45 and I don’t know if I’ll make it – o now the discord again! Arrgghhhhhh! Almost there, O God that was awful. I am, indeed, crying.