From AFP:

A Somali soldier opened fire on a crowd in Mogadishu on Monday, killing at least 17 civilians and injuring scores, hospital sources and witnesses said. The soldier triggered a high-calibre anti-aircraft gun mounted on top of a truck, and a hail of bullets ripped into the crowd after it jammed, some witnesses said. A security official, Mohamed Ali, said authorities were investigating reports from some witnesses that the soldier set off the gun by accident.



A volcano in southern Japan has erupted again, damaging homes in surrounding towns. After the latest eruption at Shinmoe Peak, the Japan Meteorological Agency has extended the exclusion zone around the crater to 4km. Experts fear lava could now spill out of the crater as pressure increases from within the the volcano's lava dome, leading to further blasts. Over 400 residents in the town of Takaharu, located at the foot of volcano Shinmoe Peak, have been forced to stay overnight at temporary evacuation centres.

Posted by Gurdur at THE HEATHEN HUB:

It has been announced and confirmed over Twitter that the last remnants of the internet still in operation in Egypt have been shut down. It has also been said that mobile phone nets are beginning to be shut down as well. Earlier in the day, several Al Jazeera reporters had been arrested, and then released, but their equipment confiscated. In other words, the Egyptian regime under Mubarak and the army are attempting a complete, utter shutdown of information and communications.


Posted by Rick+

This morning, I heard of the passing of Sam Caldwell, a priest in our diocese. Sam was a gentle soul who served at my church Trinity in Reno for many years after his retirement as rector in Carson City.

Rest in peace, Sam. Rise in glory!

Posted by David G. at THE HEARSE RIDE:

I haven't been on here since December. I sure could write about my failing life with all the shit that keeps happening, but I don't want to bore anyone.



A very good friend of OCICBW... underwent some medical tests at the end of last week. The results could have easily shown something really nasty but they only showed something unpleasant but liveable with. That sometimes the worst does not happen, we praise the Lord.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 1ST. FEBRUARY 2011 — 9 Comments

  1. “We are everywhere. Even the lawns have eyes :-)”

    Thank God. It’s becoming just so hard to know where to turn, with one natural disaster after another, never the man-made ones, it’s like the planet is suddenly objecting in toto. Prayers, and candle lit.

  2. I’ve got myself into a bit of a fix. I applied quite idly for a job yesterday, not imagining I was in with a chance. But within half an hour I’d got rung up about it and the short version is I have an interview tomorrow.
    Today I discover that there are only 2 other candidates, rather than 5.
    Sounds good.
    But the problem is to do the job, I have to drive. And not only that, drive a large van on occasions. I have a phobia of driving.
    I really don’t know what to do. I am in with a chance for the highest paying job I have ever had even a smidge of a chance at and am terrified that I will get it. I really thought I was punching way above my weight with this one and had not a single chance. It appears they singled my cv out.
    Please pray for the right outcome and for courage. I am scared stupid now.

  3. Viv. I have experience of these things and I promise you that the larger the vehicle, the easier and safer it is to drive. If it’s a transit type van you will not only feel safer and less hemmed in than you are in a car, you will soon pick up on the camaraderie of commercial driving and start to have a great time. I should never have stopped.

  4. Sincere prayers for all.

    I genuinely sympathize, Viv. A few years back I was also one of three finalists for a job I had been urged to apply for but that I didn’t really want. As it happens, I was not offered the job but it was good for me to go through the process.

    You know, there are desensitization techniques for getting phobias to calm down. I would recommend that you try to find a therapist who’s willing to work on a solution centered, short term basis. There are such people.