Today is the feast of Saint Brigid (Bride) of Ireland who was ordained bishop by Bishop Ibor, "because of her resemblance to the Virgin Mary."

So, there you have it. Women bishops are in the tradition of the Celtic Church (and, therefore, the British Church) and the Orthodox Church of which the Celtic Church was part (Brigid is a revered saint in Orthodoxy).

Pray for the Church, Saint Brigid. Especially for its stupid men who falsify history because of their fear of women. Amen.


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  1. Yes, Chelliah. But it was in the Celtic Church where Abbots and Abbesses were far more influential (and powerful) than mere bishops. So, Brigid was already in a position of great authority before her ordination to the episcopacy. And she would have been respected as much as any abbot. It was all very early church and based on the teachings of the desert fathers who didn’t trust bishops as far as they could throw them. All this is true.

  2. “fear of women” indeed! Witness the latest GOP attack on women by trying to loosen the definition of rape to exclude statutory rape, date rape, rape after being drugged…I feel I’m being assaulted just reading it.

  3. Yes, the later church fathers wrote the wimmin leaders of the early church out of the book,and have used the all-male leadership they falsely created to justify keeping women from positions of authority ever since. Rather like the classic definition of chutzpah: the man who kills his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan.

  4. You priceless little people; you find some quack historian and call that tradition.

    You and twatipedia deserve each other.

    ho ho ho

  5. He’s probably an American Tea Party follower given to leaving random rude messages on blogs anonymously. He’ll probably post a comment now telling us that he is British and doesn’t drink tea and was sent to earth to right the wrongs of deliberately forgotten theological history.