We continue to pray for the people of Egypt that they achieve the democracy they are calling for. We pray that when this is achieved it will not lead to increased oppression of minorities and that it doesn't have a negative effect on attempts to bring about peace between Israel and its neighbours.


Our friend, Father Dougal, has had a really crappy time over the last few days. Please read THIS POST on his blog and hold him in your prayers.




South Sudan almost unanimously voted to declare independence from the north in a referendum, officials said on Sunday, sparking mass celebrations in the southern capital Juba. Thousands cheered, danced and ululated after officials announced the first official preliminary results that overall showed a 98.83% majority for separation, according to the vote's website.

"This is what we voted for, so that people can be free in their own country.... I say congratulations a million times," south Sudan President Salva Kiir told the crowd.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 31ST. JANUARY 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Prayers ascending.

    wv, “ousta”. What Mubarak is facing (may he be not-stupid enough to realize it, and act accordingly!)

  2. Many thanks for the prayers your Madness. A weekend off and some meetings have helped greatly!