Rowan Williams, reacted strongly to media questions in Dublin yesterday which queried the role of the Anglican primate of Uganda, Most Rev Henry Luke Orombi, in fomenting a climate in which gay activist David Kato was murdered there last Wednesday.

Defending Bishop Orombi, Williams emphasised that Bishop Orombi’s position concerned “exclusion from ministry on grounds of behaviour, not orientation”.

He continued that Mr Kato had been “named in this rotten, disgraceful Ugandan publication” – the Rolling Stone newspaper in Kampala – in which “effectively, his murder had been called for.”

It illustrated, he said, that “words have results . . . certainly a lesson all need to learn”.

COMMENT: I'm trying to work out where I took the wrong turn and so ended up on this crazy planet.

Honestly, the things our Archbishop says make the conversation at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party appear truly coherent in comparison.

Oh, you'll be pleased to know that Katharine Zeta Schori showed some bottle, as usual. Speaking at Christ Church Cathedral yesterday morning she said the primate of Uganda faced “significant challenges." She prayed for him and for the soul of David Kato, whose death was a reminder of “the need to treat all human beings with dignity”.



  1. Why is it that Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, dresses up the ugly vile behavior of Archbishop Orombi and prefers to pretend that Orombis ¨ecclesiastical protection¨ plan kills people? Archbishop Orombi is deadly to the human spirit and prefers to prance around North America giving speeches on ¨morals¨ as his home Province in Uganda rots due to vertical corruption (Church and State), child witchburning, sex slavery and every other vileness known to mankind! Orombi and his accomplices harm and abuse others–there is no cause for respecting such a man…at least not until he see´s the terrible error of his Pridefilled ways, repents, makes amends before God (and his fellow human beings). +Rowan becomes a enabler to a very dangerous human being–this is not new and it certainly isn´t courageous as he panders to wrong…dead wrong.

  2. Hora novissima, tempora pessima sunt — vigilemus.
    Ecce minaciter imminet arbiter ille supremus.
    Imminet imminet ut mala terminet, æqua coronet,
    Recta remuneret, anxia liberet, æthera donet.

    “The world is very evil, etc.”
    Pray for Rowan. Pray for Henry.

    * see Bernard of Cluny in Wikipedia

  3. “words have results”

    Bad words can lead to murder. He gets that.

    “…exclusion from ministry on grounds of behaviour, not orientation”.


    Oh, oh. He doesn’t geeeeet iiiiit.

  4. Every thing vile this way comes.

    Visiting NZ for 5 months from the US. Living with Anglican clergy family here. We’ve talked a bunch. Have clergy friends both here and in the UCC in the states

    The (all) Anglican Bishops just pulling down the blinds. De Nile is a river you can’t travel on. Choose, each of you. Will you be an agent of change or an angel of starvation? Keep the word of freedom for everybody or keep power to yourselves? This church must split and live on in two forms. To try to be one will kill everybody.

    I am not a church goer because your church welcomes me but does not accept me and my partner, CHOOSE. I am a very spiritual and might be the stray person in your congregation on Sunday morning.

    Sometime soon, you are all going to have to choose.

  5. “…exclusion from ministry on grounds of behaviour, not orientation”.

    Right, so the proposed legislation last year that would subject gay people to the death penalty was all to do with trying to stop lgbts from becoming priests! That explains why Orombi didn’t speak out against it.
    Glad I understand that better now.