LOVE HEARTS — 22 Comments

  1. I should think sending that to a woman would be one way to guarantee that one won’t be asked to discuss commitment!



  2. Janis, you can forego giving me a “Piece of Your Heart”: it’s just too messy.

    [Then, when it comes to MY heart, things ALWAYS get Too Messy. {rimshot!}]

    Did I tell ya I begin serving jury duty on 14 February? It’s like the county KNEW I wouldn’t have anything better to do {Sigh}

  3. I showed it to BP. We both said “no”.

    I may be a scientist but I”m not without sense–or sensibility.

    ‘sides, BP isn’t a scientist. Ours is a mixed marriage. 😉

  4. God bless you Cathy and Mark, I thought I was the only freakazoid who thought it looked yummy in a dangerously sweet and syrupy kind of way. By the way, have I ever shown you my fangs? 🙂

  5. Wow, there’s some really horrible bits in that book. I did enjoy the film (the Swedish one), which was less horrible.

  6. That is a Geeklet approved design. It looks…ZOMBIELICIOUS! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

    Wait, nobody else wants a sterling silver anatomically correct heart pendant for V-day?

    …oh. Okay then. Wrong crowd.