1. Not that I want to break the mood here, but everyone out there who is on Facebook, the more comments you leave on the links to St Laika, and the more you feel you can say you like the links, the better. Please leave loads of comments. It makes the links more visible on Facebook generally and this can only be a good thing.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what Cathy is on about with all this links stuff, but she has my full backing and having met her I strongly suggest you all do exactly what she tells you to do.

  3. Cathy, I did my duty at Facebook for the service with the Tallis.

    Now back to the mood.

    MadPriest, if the Magnificat made you totally bliss out, than I’d say that, for you, good music makes life worth living. Of course, you knew I was going somewhere with my question, didn’t you?

  4. Thank you, Mad One.

    Also, if people can think of anyone on their own FB friends list who might like St Laika’s, for one reason or another, please do send them the link, or a message, or whatever. This also can only be a good thing.

  5. oh do leave it 🙂

    you’ve flattered me enough already for one evening, you don’t have to keep on with it by pretending I am some sort of meteorological event that affects the whole of London.

    Mimi, your comments on the Tallis were fabulous – please leave more of the same on other links, what you did was ideal.

  6. Wow! This facebook thing is brilliant. Not only is it increasing the number of hits at St. Laika’s, it’s keeping Mimi busy and off my case for a while.

  7. Yeah, “meek”, Mad One, that’s so you.

    Hey Mimi, I quite like the idea of you and me being declard to be WMDs. Would Grandpere agree to that, do you think? …

  8. GP and MP are in agreement some of the time then. That’s a scary thought.

    Mad One, I really think it is one of your bestest qualities, that you draw so many argumentative wimmins to your blog.

  9. Having been brought up by a strong woman mother and two strong women grandmothers whilst my dad was away at sea nine months out of every year means that I just accept it as normal.

  10. Cathy, MadPriest and GP are more alike than I care to say, although MadPriest is more so in every personality trait that tends to drive other people mad…if you get my drift.

  11. Strangely, only women.

    Yeah, in a good way though. It’s something to be happy about.

    Mimi, I really must get to meet GP one of these years so I can compare notes 🙂

  12. Cathy, you must meet GP. I know you will like each other. You can talk about cooking and recipes till kingdom come. Plus, we have a vast collection of cook books.

  13. Yeah, the movies are all true. Moving on…

    MadPriest, do you know “The River in Reverse” album with Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello. It’s not new, but I found it only recently and bought it. I like it.

  14. What if Cathy enjoys having burnt mutton chops held against her?

    I deny that rumour.

    Re Grandpere burning meals, does he ever get actual flames coming out of the oven, though, Mimi?

  15. Cathy, I don’t recall flames out of the oven. I once forgot a pan of cooking oil on the stove, which caught on fire, and, like an idiot, I tried to throw the pan out the back door and burned my foot rather badly, when the hot grease spilled out. It was long ago, but I never forgot the lesson. Cover the pan and smother the fire!

  16. MadPriest, the album is an homage to New Orleans and NO musicians following Katrina and the federal flood, which also makes me partial to it, along with liking the music.

  17. I once forgot a pan of cooking oil on the stove, which caught on fire, and, like an idiot, I tried to throw the pan out the back door and burned my foot rather badly

    O hell! The full horror of the Scotland trip has just come flooding back. And after all the money I spent out on counselling!

  18. MadPriest, I’m really offended that you keep on insinuating that you were more traumatised on the Scotland trip by Mimi than me. After all the effort I put into it too.

    I’m going to have to come to Newcastle and set your oven on fire for that.