COMMENT: At the moment the Church of England expects their non-stipendary (self-supporting) priests to work for nothing AND give any money they earn from funerals etc. straight to the diocese. House for duty priests work ridiculous hours for a roof over their head worth far less than the stipend they would be paid for the hours they put in if they were on a stipend.

My suggestion is, that in certain circumstances, the money raised by the church the self-supporting priest is attached to should go to the priest and not the diocese up to the level of a full stipend. This would encourage new ways of being church and new ways of being a priest. Both the congregation and the priest would have incentive. Not just financial but also the "lets be successful just to spite them" sort of incentive.



  1. Over here, we call your suggestion to the archdeacon “thinking outside the box”. 🙂 I don’t know whether archdeacons over there are into the practice. I’ve heard it’s not for everyone.

  2. Well.

    It will be very interesting to see how he responds.

    Your note was very good. Very intriguing. For many people it would be compelling, even. Let’s see how the archdeacon takes it.

  3. Jonathon,

    I still pray that your call for a Parish will be answered.

    I am very interested in your concept, some smaller churches in our Benefice (9 churches now – with one stipendiary priest) struggle to pay their share. Not through lack of trying – but rural parishes suffer from as much deprivation as urban areas, perhaps more.

    If we could pay our Priest in this way – we would have money over for mission and much more outreach. The Big Society would be nearer.

    I am currently in the process of discernment for SSM – as I am retired and have a pension, which is just below stipend level, I am happy with that situation – my age would prevent my service in any other category.

    I really feel that your treatment is unfair and not being given the chance to at least compete for posts is unjustified.

    Perhaps you frighten the horses and they don’t know how to deal with your particular style of ministry. More fool them.

    I am posting anon as I just feel that anything I write might be held against me.

  4. yes, yes yes, the coe need to think outside the box –

    i love the idea of give the parish and ill get hte community to sort the finaces out – its really the difference between people expecting a service ie taking from the church or people being church