ST. LAIKA'S: The Eucharist for the Feast of the Conversion of Paul with lots of music. Join in or just listen and please, if you have your own blog and feel so inclined, do me a favour and give it a plug. I really want to get St. Laika's up and running with as many subscribers to the podcast as possible (subscription is free). With the help of Cathy, Ann, Mimi and lots more of you we are already up to a regular congregation of about a hundred. This is good, but let's make it even better. If you dare, and you are in a position to, you could advertise St. Laika's on your church news sheet. This might be useful if you do not have regular weekday services at your place and for members of your congregations whose mobility is restricted.

THE ANCHORHOLD: "The Spiritual Nosegay" for those with bent snouts and those with straight ones. The Anchorhold is also steadily increasing its regular readership and that is brilliant because Ellie puts a lot of hard work into it.

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