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I’m back to work and back to blogging today. Its been a difficult start to the new year being off work for 2 weeks and no doubt I need to pace myself as I get back to the fray.


From Alison and Alan:

Here are a couple of pictures of our wedding to share with the gang if you choose. Being married feels so natural, we are gradually forgetting the long years of loneliness. Blessings pile upon blessings for us, and as an added gift, the day before we were married Alan accepted a job offer after a year of not working and months of searching. We have so much to be thankful for. Deo gratias.

If you would like to light
a candle as part of your
prayer, please click HERE,
then click on BEGIN and
follow the instructions.

Our group name is
Laika (case sensitive);
please type this into
the appropriate box
when requested.


THE PRAYER LIST – 24TH. JANUARY 2011 — 14 Comments

  1. Deo gratias, indeed! Sincere congratulations to Alan and best wishes to Alison. May you have long life and much happiness.

    And, Kevin, I’m so glad you’re better. PLEASE take good care of yourself.

  2. Cathy, the beach is called Gibson Beach and is part of Point Lobos State Reserve near Carmel in California. It’s amazingly beautiful to this Wisconsin girl, and the area was the model for the locales in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.”

  3. Well, I was gonna say that it looks like California, and that the weather looked too nice for England, but I didn’t want you to be upset, MP.

  4. Aw. Mazel Tov!

    Was this taken last Saturday? After my job test, an old friend and I (and her 8 year-old son) took a long walk down the Berkeley Pier (just a few hours north of you). Glorious sunshine. (Though I still sort of miss Michigan. The snow is always whiter, halfway across the country! ;-X)

  5. Yeah, I didn’t think Bognor was quite that beautiful. Thank you, Alison. The beach looks more glorious every time I look at it.