From our longstanding friend, Alison:

Tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 21) I will be married with Alan, my high school sweetheart and love of my life, on a beach next to the Pacific Ocean in California. Every day will be a little miracle, since we were separated for so many years. Hope is a mighty powerful thing.

Aaah! How lovely. It's just like in the movies.

MadPriest is a grumpy, old sod but he loves himself a wedding.

At OCICBW... we have campaigned ferociously over the years for the right of any couple who love each other to be allowed to marry officially. We have done this not because it is an academic justice issue and not because the Bible says people should get married, but because we love the whole idea of two people making a lifelong commitment to each other in which they promise to be together no matter what life throws at them. I know from experience that a good marriage between two people in love is one the best institutions that human beings have ever invented. Me and Benny agree on that. Where we differ is that he likes to exclude people from such happiness and I want humankind to allow such happiness to everybody who wants to give it their best shot.

Happiness v. unhappiness? What would Jesus choose for those he was willing to die for?



  1. I think what’s missing from BenXVI is the fact that a couple in love is greater than 1+1; it’s synergistic. Love can spread. I know I have become a far better person to everyone around me, being married to BP ,than I was before.

    Marriage. Not just better for me, but better for everyone around me!

  2. Aw, gee, Jonathan. I hope when I send you actual pictures of our wedding to post that no one will be too disappointed. We are just a couple of old birds on Social Security pretending we’re sixteen again.

  3. We are just a couple of old birds on Social Security pretending we’re sixteen again.

    I think I could have that as the subtitle to this blog. Although there are a lot more than just couple of old birds flying around these parts pretending they’re sixteen.