A church stained glass window created in France at the height of the Nazi Occupation, which reportedly shows Adolf Hitler portrayed as a blood-thirsty King Herod killing a Jew, has been revealed for the first time after 70 years.

The extraordinary work of art was inaugurated in July 1941 at the St Jacques Church in Montgeron, south of Paris, reports the Daily Mail. If it had been pointed out at the time of its opening it would have meant almost certain death for those who created it.

"The figure has Hitler's hair, but his moustache has been hidden behind his arm to avoid serious trouble," said Father Dominique Guerin, pastor of the parish.

The window was spotted by a journalist earlier this month, and then highlighted by the church authorities.

The window was created by a pair of brothers called Maumejean, master glassmakers, whose work adorns numerous churches in France.

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