From THE LOCAL (Sweden):

With the wolf hunt in its third day on Monday, there are only five wolves left in this year's quota of 20: three in Värmland in western Sweden and one each in Örebro and Västmanland in central Sweden.

Over the first two days of the hunt, 14 wolves were killed by Monday. Among the wolves that have been killed, four were alpha animals. Eleven were classified as adults and only three pups or juveniles.

Sweden's wolf hunt violates EU law, environment commissioner Janez Potocnik said on Monday, vowing to drag Sweden to court for allowing the hunt to continue this year.

Coincidently, Swedish film director, Ingmar Madpriestender, has just announced that, in a surprising change of career, Sarah Palin has agreed to play the title role in his film adaption of a newly discovered Stieg Larsson novel, "The Girl Who Shot At Anything." The world famous director told OCICBW... that he had asked her to star in the earlier Larsson film, "The Girl Who Played With Fire," but Palin's press officers had warned her against accepting the role just in case some nutter took her at her word and started shooting at human beings and not just anything on four legs.