I thought I'd post this job vacancy as somebody out there might be interested. (No, Grandmère Mimi, you have a husband to look after!).



  1. The husband whom I look after is, even now, in the kitchen cooking lunch. No. I’m not interested in the housekeeper’s job, but perhaps Grandpère might be. How’s the fishing around Iona?

    Did the ad give you flashbacks to waiting “hours” in the rain on the island, because you did not take up my offer of my cell phone number?

  2. Because you wandered off when you had BEEN TOLD to stay close. I tell you, looking after you was more stressful than taking a coach load of teenagers on holiday!

    The fishing is good although there are no alligators for you to wrestle with.

  3. Because you wandered off when you had BEEN TOLD to stay close.

    What in heaven’s name made you think I would obey your command? Cell phones are quite useful when you are with disobedient people who tend to wander off. Really.

    Anyway, Iona is a tiny island. How far could I wander?

  4. You’d have both of you been up poo creek without a paddle without me there to sort you out. What sort of bloke lurks in the rain for hours instead of taking the sensible option and going into the pub? As for Mimi, I had a job keeping her off the single malts at all times, let alone on Iona. Tsk Tsk.

  5. I had a job keeping her off the single malts at all times….

    Cathy, I had not one drop of the drink on the Isle of Iona. ‘Fraid of wandering off and falling into the sea, ya know.

    A person who cares.

    Awww, MadPriest. How sweet. Still, if you cared, why didn’t you take my cell phone number? I’ve never been able to work that out.

  6. Baloney! Last I heard they were the same thing. My phone was a British phone, purchased for use in the UK. You talked to Cathy on her phone. I talked to Cathy on her phone. Your phone and my phone were perfectly compatible.

  7. You never gave me your number, MadPriest, and I didn’t dare ask for it. You were standing right next to me, and you left. I realize that you would probably have died from embarrassment had you not left, because I could not find my return ticket.

  8. You know what? working in a retreat house is great!!!! I worked in a Franciscan retreat house and loved it!
    Add that to your list of priestly things to do other than being a Vicar! Seriously, an opportunity to preside at Eucharist, do some counseling, meet people from all over!!!!


  9. Oh this is funny. I’ll bite, Mimi: you could get lost in the bogs wandering off to Columba’s bay, or whatever. I was not in very good shape when I went there and I thought I would not survive the hike TO the bay, much less get back again! Now I’m even older.

  10. Mimi, I did step on to the boat, because it was on the very verge of leaving, and the boat staff bloke waiting for us clearly wanted to give the signal to go, and if the three of us had stayed hanging around on the jetty he might have done that very thing. My stepping on to the boat meant he more or less had to wait for you two.

    You know I would never abandon you. And, after all, you had Mad Priest next to you pretending to help you look for your ticket. Unless you think it’s the same thing? 🙂 …

    The whole mobile phone business was rather convoluted. I am not convinced Mad Priest had an authentic phone. I think it was a device from MI5 he had somehow come across.

  11. Mrs MP bought me a mobile phone a couple of Christmasses ago. So I have to carry it around with me occasionally. But I never switch it on. Hell! Somebody might ring me if I did.

  12. Isn’t there a huge statute or some sort of edifice that is often pictured as a symbol of Iona?

    Chelliah Laity, yes! – a statue of an old lady abandoned on the jetty.

  13. Cathy, I know you would never abandon me. Neither would you MadPriest. I just can’t think of another word to describe what happened to me. 🙂

    Even if we had missed the ferry, it would hardly have been a tragedy. We could have gone into a warm, dry pub and had a drink while we waited for the next one.