In an argument which Western feminists thought had been resolved decades ago, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Orthodox Church’s Synodal Department for Church and Society, suggested that a drunk woman in a miniskirt had no right to be surprised if she was raped.

“If a woman wears a miniskirt, it can be provocative,” Chaplin said.

“If she is drunk at the same time, it’s especially provocative. And if that encourages people to try to make contact, she can’t be surprised if that contact ends up with rape.”

Men, meanwhile, would be regarded as pitiful objects if they slob around in ill-fitting sweatpants and string vests.

Archpriest Chaplin is a right clown,
isn't he? And all in glorious black
and white. It's a shame he is not a
silent movie.


GAGGING FOR IT — 9 Comments

  1. Well just in case we thought prejudice against women had been dealt with, this idiot brings it back into focus.


  2. “It’s a shame he isn’t a silent movie”. Brilliant, Mad Priest!

    The only thing women who are raped are guilty of, is being in the presence of a rapist.

    Shouldn’t the priest be spending more of his time explaining to the men of his flock that all persons are worthy of dignity, respect and compassion – drunk, short skirted or otherwise?

  3. Give me strength!

    Good opportunity for me to recognise that can so easily flip into MURDEROUS feelings. In fact,

    ‘if a man is stupid, it can arouse irritation’ says Rev’d Fellows and

    ‘if a man then declares that women get what they deserve if they are raped, it’s especially irritating. And then that encourages people to try to make contact, and he can’t be surprised if that contact ends up with castration’.

  4. ::Gag:: that fellow looks just about as appealing in that string vest as I would 😛

    And if the Rev’d Fellows isn’t already familiar with the U.S. comic strip Dilbert, I’d suggest a certain righteous similarily to the character Alice and her Fist of Death 😀

  5. LOL – yes I am familiar with Dilbert, but not the fist of death 🙂 Don’t know what you mean 😉 Bet you are feeling sorry for my boyfriend now!