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Everybody's Going To The Love-In - Bob Brady And The Con Chords
I Spy (For The F.B.I.) - Jamo Thomas And His Party Orchestra
Peanut Duck - Marsha Gee
Face Up - Kent T Marquis
Touch Our Heaven - Gladys del Pilar
You Make Me Feel So Good - High Fashion
Sweet Sweet Soul - Candace Bellamy
Pop's Barbershop - Paris Toon
Friday Night - Ralf-e vs. Moe Mitchell
Smooth Sailing - Joe Loskota
Sthandwa Sami - Nothende
Latino (Nicola Conte Remix) - Fuzz Against Junk
Land Of 1,000 Dances - Chris Kenner
Pretty Please - The Triplett Twins
Truly Love You Baby - Donnie Ray
Try Jesus - Dallas Walters
Everyday I'm Running - Redemption Of Columbus
Going Through The Motions - Hunter Hayes
How Long Will This Go On - Vicki Harvey
Something Going On - Todd Terry
Give It To Me - MicahB Featuring Crystal Ramon
Bus Stop Judge - Margo
Panic - Reparata And The Delrons
Nobody'll Care - Van McCoy
Blowing Up My Mind - The Exciters
I Love Music - The O'Jays
Soul Makossa - Johnny Zamot
Dance, Dance - The Lebron Brothers
Love Wars - Womack And Womack
Is That The Way To Your Heart - The Kazu Matsui Project



  1. I often have to wait an extra day for any iTunes podcast whether it is for “With All Your Soul” or the St. Laika’s services. I have assumed that it was a time lag thing with Apple UK and Apple USA.

  2. Guys, what are your settings on iTunes? If you go to the podcasts list, you will see a button down the bottom of the page that says settings. If you double click on that it will bring up a little palette that offers various choices including Check For New Episodes: every hour; every day; every week; manually. It sounds to me like Mimi and BooCat have it set to every day. On mine the default setting is certainly every day.