1. Precisely that same comment got left on Mimi’s blog on a post called “We don’t have Nazi groups either”. It has subsequently been deleted.


  2. Well I’m sure I don’t know why that would be so. Many of Mimi’s readers demonstrate a fine appreciation of naked lads.

  3. Moreover I’ve never seen any lesbian bondage ads on Mimi’s blog. She is far too innocent for that sort of shenanigans. You are telling naughty lies about her, Mad Priest.

  4. *LOL*

    Way back in the Paleolithic Era of the Intertoobs, when *I* had a blog, I got a spam (on some thread or other which, believe or not, had Something to Do With Teh Gay) from some DownLow Brothers-type site.

    I *think* it was a spam, anyway. The poster-bot, however, had gone into such a colorful, first-person endorsement of @n@l sex, it was slightly less commercial-sounding than usual.

    …while a DownLow Brother’s POV might be interesting, apart from the commercial, it was a bit much for my humble (not porn—well, TRYING not to be!) blog… (i.e., into the Delete&Ban bin)

  5. I don’t know who deleted the comment from my blog, because I was gone for much of the day, and I had the email that the comment had been posted, but when I went to the post, the comment was gone. Perhaps Blogger does that sort of deletion now.

    MadPriest, I figure those people drift over from OCICBW, after seeing my comments here. I may have to stay away altogether from your comments, if the nuisance ads continue.

    But then, perhaps you’d like that. After all, who amongst us wouldn’t want a thorn removed from their side? 🙂

  6. I think it is probably the other way around, Mimi. I mean you tend to draw a less refined crowd than I do, a lot of Southern States types and the like. As, I censor all comments before posting them it is no huge problem, although I must admit some of your rougher customers can offend my delicate, English sensibilities.