I got married in the autumn of 1984 and my wife said: “Why don’t you do this properly and do it full time?” So I became the curate of Beeston in Nottingham in January 1985, and I then did a couple of years in Beeston. The vicar retired and I found myself running the parish and there was the obvious petition for me to be the new parish priest. But the bishop rather sensibly decided that this wasn’t a particularly good idea.

I was moved to a new parish and I became the vicar of St John’s Carrington, in Nottingham and I was there for seven years till 1994. By that stage I was looking to become a Catholic but it wasn’t clear how that would work out with a wife and two small children. I felt that I couldn’t really carry on being the local line manager for the C of E but there was a job at St Stephen’s House teaching liturgy and mission and being vice principal and I took that up in January 1995. (Andrew Burnham)

So, after deciding to become a Roman Catholic, Burnham accepted the job of vice principal at St. Stephen's House, an Anglican seminary with a long history of being accepting of gay ordinands. Then he accepted the post of flying bishop of Ebbsfleet, an office invented in order to hold the Church of England together.

I acuse Andrew Burnham of gross hypocrisy and dishonesty. For sixteen years he has been taking the piss out of the Anglican Church and especially the Anglo-Catholic faithful. He has put himself in positions in which he was able to undermine the unity of the church he professed allegiance to.

The man is a cad and an ecclesiastical quisling.

Do go and read the full article as it demonstrates just how cynical the treachery of Burnham and his co-conspiraters has been and the length of time that this plot against the Church of England has been going on. And it is conspiracy, have no doubts about that. And it is conspiracy so well planned that we now know that all protestations by the misogynists in my church, that they would stay if only we accommodated their bigoted beliefs, are just whitewash, hiding their true lack of respect and love for the church that has provided them with a career and, in many cases, preferment and which has paid their wages over so many years. Basically, Burnham's statement above, is proof that they are going to go anyway, whatever the Church of England does short of accepting the bishop of Rome's authority. We must accept this fact, stop pandering to the demands of non-Anglicans and get on with making our church what the Holy Spirit so obviously wants it to be - a house of God where all are welcome and where the Gospel of Christ, not the prejudices of hateful men, informs every part.



  1. What a disgusting person you must be. You have no idea what this man has done – the compromises he’s made and the difficult choices he’s taken.

    You may receive no stipend but this is a breach of the Clergy Discipline Measure – conduct unbecoming. I intend to follow it up.

  2. Yes. That will give his treachery even more publicity. Thank you, anon.

    And, by the way, I knew Andrew Burnham well when he was in Nottingham. There are so many stories I could relate but they will have to wait for another day.

  3. “…this is a breach of the Clergy Discipline Measure – conduct unbecoming…”


    How do you figure, Anonymous?

    You know, I have many years of experience as spiritual director to clergy and am known for being pretty hard on them. I don’t hesitate to confront clergy when they even THINK about engaging in “conduct unbecoming” and this isn’t even in the remote neighborhood.

    MadPriest has simply reported on public information. It was published in The Catholic Herald. Burnham, himself, says he wanted to become R.C. at least as far back as 1994 and he continued to draw a salary from the C.of E. all this time?????

    Burnham is the one guilty of conduct unbecoming. And I’ll stand by that.

  4. Thank you for drawing this article to my attention, MP. The devil in me wishes he’d known about it sooner (so that disciplinary action could have been initiated before the person concerned left the Church of England), whilst my better self wishes it had never been published at all. C’est la vie.

  5. I don’t know if that would be your better self, BB. Your Anglican, live and let live self, maybe. Overall, I think it is best out in the open if it wakes certain people out of their sleep of naivety.

  6. Does CoE really allow cowards to post charges anonymously? Amazing.

    This man is a former bishop who renounced his given word. Mr. Burnham has clearly made many “compromises
    — with evil.


  7. I’m trying to see if I remember this guy from our Nottingham days but nothing is coming to mind.
    I guess I have blocked out a lot from those days. PTSD perhaps.

  8. “You may receive no stipend but this is a breach of the Clergy Discipline Measure – conduct unbecoming. I intend to follow it up.”

    Please. I’ve seen MP say much more insulting things about much more senior members of the hierarchy.

    Off with MP’s head!

  9. I’m pretty confidant that this is one of the few posts I put out which will have the full agreement of most of the House of Bishops – though they would never say so in public. Let’s face it, they are the ones Burnham really took for a ride all those years.

    Heck, I might even get a job out of it 🙂

  10. I felt that I couldn’t really carry on being the local line manager for the C of E

    “local line manager”??? While at the time he was PRESENTING HIMSELF as priest of Christ?!

    This is revolting.

    Well, Burnham’s found his Roman Prince now. But remember, Andrew: if you EVER cross him, “then fire come out of the bramble, and devour the Cedars of Lebanon!”

    [@ Anon: “You have no idea what this man has done – the compromises he’s made”. You mean, Burnham’s made WORSE???]