The Rev. Marshall Brown, 57, who has served as a priest at the former Episcopal Church for more than a decade and was the associate rector of pastoral care, was let go Dec. 31 after church officials discovered he had been "accessing websites that could be considered as pornographic," according to Warren Thrasher, executive director for Truro.

"We contract out our computer support and one of the first things I did after Brown's confession was to have our IT people do a sweep of our system," Thrasher said Friday.

The sweep turned up a second church employee's computer that Thrasher said "contained a significant amount of pornography." That employee, who has not been named, also has been fired from the church, according to Thrasher.

Fairfax City police currently are in possession of the unidentified employee's computer and have opened an investigation, but no criminal charges have been filed. "We were told by the church's computer company that the computer contains many images of a pornographic nature, and we are investigating to see if any crime has been committed," said Sgt. Dan Grimm of the City of Fairfax Police on Saturday.

Sect leader, Martyn Minns, released a statement yesterday in which he stated, ""All of us are broken people in need of God's mercy and grace, but CANA takes very seriously the role of clergy to be a wholesome example to the entire flock of Christ and above reproach."

Oh dear, Martyn, you've done something that bad have you?



  1. I think the sin here is hypocrisy.

    I’m not going to get into a discussion about whether or not looking at pornography is a sin as I will be shouted at by people with strong opinions on the matter.

  2. Does anyone here know any cops in Truro? And do you think they’d be prepared to assist my ministry research program by sending copies of what they find?

    And am I the only person who’s fascinated to find the church’s “Executive Director” (where in the threefold order of ministry does that position come?) is named Mr. Thrasher?

  3. Rev Brown @ computer, to the hunky church groundskeeper: “C’mere, I have something to show you—we can both try…”

  4. Inquiring minds also want to know specifically what kind of porn he’s looking at. Dontcha just hope it’s not of the straight variety? Just saying.

  5. My dear Fr. Christian,
    You must be behind the times. Executive Directors are an import from the business world, and given their experience in the world of unholy mammon, they are absolutely essential in engineering any business plan which includes hanging onto as much silver as possible.

    (wv: “clere” some things in this mess are quite clere.)

  6. It’s not for me to judge these peoples use of porn sites, unless they are visting expensive sites or rip-off sites with poor download speeds and grainy images.

    No, what I question is their work ethic. Wasn’t this bloke supposed to be doing, “pastoral care”. So when old lady Muggins rings up and says, “Pastor Brown, it’s Ethel here again” he shouldn’t just be listening to her via his answering machine he should be bloody takin’ THE CALL!