If gay people didn't keep insisting they should be allowed to get married the Tea Party wouldn't have had to stir up all that hatred and no nine year old little girl would have been killed. So, who is to blame? I think we all know the answer to that question.



  1. I think Mimi needs to explain how I can be such a nice boy AND the cause of all ill on planet earth. Have we inadvertently bumped into the theory or everything?

  2. No, no, no. You have it wrong, MP. It’s not just gays. It’s latinos and latinas, too. This did happen in Arizona afterall.

  3. Maddy baby, you repulsive little douchebag you, you are aware that you don’t know jack about the United States, don’t you? Because if you did, you’d realize that the Tea Party really doesn’t care all that much about homosexual “marriage” one way or the other.

    Really, d-bag. If I’m your university, I’m asking for my degree back. Because you’re a blithering idiot. No wonder you can’t find work.

  4. Christopher, I have a sneakin’ suspicion that if you ever did set foot on a university campus, you would be carrying a semi-automatic.

  5. In the Reign of Terror, Robespierre and Co. established laws which allowed his opponents to take them down when they’d had enough.

    The same mindset – largely fundamentalist Christian, though the Randian fundamentalist/atheists contribute – that constitutes the Tea Party is the one that helped establish Patriot Act stuff and Homeland Security and the growing popularity of our little island spa at Guantanamo. It’s the same parisitic worldview which wants all security and power and gives absolutely nothing in return.

    So . . . my proposal – the Tea Party has stated that their goal is to undermine this president, to undermine the established government, to take over our congress and reform it into their desired government. Why, I saw a book at Books A Million claiming to teach Tea Party members how to fight to bring down this government.

    These are clearly terrorists, a threat to our national security and to the stability of our government. Shouldn’t they be reported as such? Treated as such? Detained as such?

  6. My sainted mother never thought anything was my fault, so imagine my surprise to learn that I’m responsible for all that is wrong on the entire planet. I may need therapy.

    But wait a minute! We have it upon good authority (James Dibbledobbleson, PhDphhhhht!) that parents are responsible for their offsprings’ same-gendered sexual orientation. It’s our parents’ fault!

  7. You will recall that it was my mother who enabled my Little Marcie addiction.

    (I remember the song and Little Marcy’s clear warning about potential harm by “kitties” if not treated properly, but I do not recall this disturbing video from my childhood. Those brave enough to click “play” are obligated to watch to the end.)