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Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11, 2001. She was featured in a book "Faces of Hope", a book about those born on that day. She had just been elected to her student council. She was at that Safeway in Tucson, Arizona yesterday morning to meet her congresswoman and learn more about politics.

Her mother says:

"She always thought about how she was born on 9/11, and she saw the positive in it," Green said. "She thought of it as a day of hope and change, a chance for the country to come together to be united." (ABC News)

She died on the scene with a single bullet wound to the chest.


Three policemen have been killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province. Police were tracking the bomber when he detonated his device in the city of Spin Boldak on Monday.

The attack was the second suicide bombing in four days against police in the Spin Boldak area, near the Pakistan border. At least 16 civilians and a police commander were killed in an attack in a public bathhouse in the city on Friday. More than 20 others were injured in that blast, for which the Taliban claimed responsibility.


Fourteen civilians were killed in clashes with the Tunisian police over the weekend, the government said Sunday, in the deadliest violence in a wave of unrest that has lasted nearly a month.

Protesters say they are angry about a lack of jobs, but officials say the rioting is the work of a minority of violent extremists intent on damaging Tunisia.


From AFP:

Flash floods ripped through northeast Australia Monday, killing at least one person as they swept cars and pedestrians into rapids so strong they felled trees and caused landslides.

Severe downpours deluged already sodden Queensland state, with more than 300 millimetres (12 inches) falling in some places in just 24 hours, swelling rivers to fresh peaks and submerging roads and bridges.

A sudden torrent dramatically swept through Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, killing one female pedestrian and whipping at least three others into the raging waters, police said.


Please pray for Tenon Saw at IT'S ALL A BIT POOR. There is some stuff going on his life at the moment that is causing him distress. For reasons of confidentiality he withdrew his post on the matter.



I've had a lot of funerals for the past two months. Last week I officiated at three funerals, and it's getting to me. Only one of last week's funerals was for a member of the parish, but it's still tough.


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It's been a while since I posted anything and longer since I posted about Morningside Gardens, the cooperative I call home. Things are not well here at Morningside -- the board of directors is deeply divided and there is anger, dismay, and confusion among the cooperators. A friend said to me today that the general fractious mood that characterizes our country these days is also manifesting itself here at Morningside.


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  1. Prayers

    I also wanted to offer an explanation to your quote yesterday regarding the 30,000 who have died in the drug war here in Mexico over the last 4 years. Although too many innocent civilians have died, they are but a small percentage of that number. The majority of the 30,000 are gangbangers and narcos who are killing each other by the scores as they battle for territory and trade routes to the North, or who have been killed by the military in open gun battles in the streets.

    The current president of Mexico, Calderon, has a little less than 2 years of his administration left. Many fear that if he has not turned anything around by then that the next administration, even if from his same political party, will return to the past when the government struck deals with the drug syndicates to keep the peace.

  2. Back in the 1970s, Chevrolet (automobiles) had a commercial extolling “Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”: i.e., quintessentially ‘merkan.

    Christina Taylor Green is the granddaughter of World Series-winning manager Dallas Green *. Maybe we need to add Glocks to that All-American list? 🙁

    * Her father is a scout w/ the Dodgers: I extend my condolences to Dodger Nation (and that’s from me, a Giants fan)