1. This is precisely the point that must be made again and again, until the idiots get it: when you brand the opposition as the enemy, when you talk about removing people from office by any means, when you picture opposition candidates in gunsights, this is exactly what you can expect to happen. What has happened in the US in political discourse must stop now, or we may soon get to the point at which the divide is so great that it cannot be healed. And that, friends, will affect everyone on the planet. Frankly, I think the Republicans will end up destroying themselves by strongly advocating the mass deportation of illegal aliens (which is both physically and fiscally impossible). That will turn even conservative Latinos against the party and eventually lead to a Democratic resurgence. The sad thing is, the more I read about what has happened to the US over the past 10 years, it becomes more obvious that George was in fact far worse for us and the world than even his enemies could imagine. It was a global tragedy.

  2. Those are all very good points you’ve made, Strangelove.

    And I hope you’re right about the Republicans destroying themselves. But I’m not really optimistic myself.

  3. Ellie, you may be right – perhaps I am too hopeful for a positive outcome. What we are seeing in the US, an around the world, is a breakdown of rational behavior and its replacement by irrational behavior. Irrational behavior has been responsible for much, if not most, of the economic disaster visited upon the world by the “Masters of the Universe” on Wall Street. I subscribe to a few economic newsletters, and was shocked to learn that the US is largely responsiblke for the current state of affairs in Pakistan, in that we backed Zia as president in the 1980s to help fight the Godless Russians in Afghanistan. Zia created the ISI, the military intelligence service that is behind the Taliban, and also radicalized the Pakistani people, who now largely back the blasphemy laws and other rules that make Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Again and again, we have abandoned the principles of our founding documents for short-term gain, and are paying for it long-term. I doubt we have the capacity to know our limitations any more…..