In the interests of fairness, I would like to compile a list of American conservatives who have been shot at by American liberals. I cannot think of any but I'm sure there must be some. Perhaps my readers could help me on this one.

Please note that conservatives (or conservatives who behaved like democrats) shot at by conservatives do not count.



  1. George Wallace was shot (not killed) but not apparently by a known liberal.

    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr shot at each other (Hamilton was killed). Another US political duels was Broderick versus Terry (Broderick, the more liberal, died).

  2. I can think of three.

    George Wallace – Shot in Laurel MD, on May 15 1972 by Arthur Bremer. Yes, Wallace was a Democrat but look at his attitude about segregation. Not exactly liberal.

    My dad was actually at the shopping center when Wallace was shot. He’d gone up there to the drugstore to get some medicine for my mother, who’d come down very sick at that time. He went into the drugstore for just a few minutes and by the time he came out, the place was crawling with cops and he had no idea why. He had not heard the gunshots while he was in the drugstore.

    Wallace eventually did get over his racism before his death, and he did seek forgiveness of black civil rights leaders later in his life.

    Ronald Reagan – Shot on March 30 1981, by John Hinckley, Jr. The union grapevine has it that he was a member of IATSE, the same union Joe is in now, and he’d gone to the Hilton Hotel where a lot of the union guys setting up Reagan’s event recognized him; Reagan was actually at the Hilton that day to address an AFL-CIO conference. The company I currently work for counts the Republican Party as one of our clients, and our Washington branch did the setting up for that event. And yes, we use union labor all the time. 🙂

    William McKinley – shot by Leon Frank Czolgosz on Sept. 6 1901, died on September 14. “Czolgosz believed there was a great injustice in American society, an inequality which allowed the wealthy to enrich themselves by exploiting the poor. He concluded that the reason for this was the structure of government itself.” He was a steelworker – possibly union, but I’m not sure. He tended to sort of sympathize with the anarchist movement but never officially joined any anarchist organizations. That’d be “un-anarchist” it seems to me.

    So there’s three.

  3. Yeah, I thought of three but my damn computer locked up on me when I submitted my note. They were George Wallace, Ronald Reagan and William McKinley. If my other note gets lost in the ether, I’ll be happy to supply some further info for these claims.

    I hate this POS computer.

  4. I can’t allow Arthur Bremer because Wallace was not a Republican.

    I can’t allow John Hinckley, Jr. because he did it to impress Jodie Foster.

    Leon Frank Czolgosz – YES!!!

    Well done! That’s one, so far.

  5. It’s a tragedy, Jonathan. Those who have been involved in domestic violence for the past 30 years can point to countless studies which makes a clear connection between violent speech and violent actions. An insult leads to a push which leads to a shove which leads to a slap which leads to a punch which, tragically, can lead to death.

    Social scientists have built on those studies to make the connection between violent political rhetoric and violent actions. That crosses all political lines.

    Something in the soul of America was deeply, mortally wounded with what happened in Phoenix.

    I don’t think we’ve hit bottom, but we’re pretty damn close. I suspect we’ll see even more conservatism on the rise – not less.

    Pray for us and we’ll pray for you.

  6. Both sides are vicious. But the vicious lampooning by the left wing (our chief weapon, to quote Monty Python), actually reduces the chances of violence. I honestly believe there is a connection between hatred and the lack of ability to understand and create humour that is more complex than somebody slipping on a banana skin.

  7. On this side of the pond, a party lable does not necessarily identify a political theory. One can be a liberal Republican (Olympia Snow) or a conservative Democrat (Lepinski, Wallace and Thurmon come to mind.) Your taxonomy above in evaluating Tracie’s list applies a European that simply does not work over here.

    The factors around which the parties came together were not “liberal v. conservative.” and include regional factors.

    Just to really screw up the taxonomy, the Republicans were the liberals from about 1850 to roughly 1900.

    There is also the odd case of Anton Cermack who was a liberal democrat shot by a more liberal anarchist trying to shoot someone else (Roosevelt.) Trying to assign a value to that is difficult.

  8. Anton Cermack makes the list.

    The rest of your comment, Jim, is exactly the sort of liberal over-complication of an issue that allows the Republicans to beat you so often at the polling station. They give the electorate one answer. Democrats give them half a dozen answers to every question and even then tell them that perhaps none of them are the right answer.

  9. How DARE you be so freaking complicated, Reality! Please compact yourself into Single Answer form.

    Thank you, Liberals of the USA.

  10. Well, then you need to define your terms very clearly and sharply, Jonathan.

    Because around here – George Wallace was a conservative Democrat but Abe Lincoln was a sort of liberal Republican.

    Bear that in mind, my friend.

    What is, in your mind, a “liberal”? What qualifies one to be a “liberal”?

    What is, in your mind, a “conservative”? What qualifies one to be a “conservative”?

    Don’t even give me that “oh that’s just semantics” because as we can see right here, semantics (at times) is EVERYTHING.

    And if you don’t REALLY want an answer to your question – if it was just rhetorical – you should have either said so at the beginning or not asked it at all.

    Yes, I’m a “brat”.

  11. The rest of your comment, Jim, is exactly the sort of liberal over-complication of an issue that allows the Republicans to beat you so often at the polling station. They give the electorate one answer. Democrats give them half a dozen answers to every question and even then tell them that perhaps none of them are the right answer.

    Sorry, dude. Jim speaks truth. This is how it is over here. Take us as ya see us.

  12. It’s you lot who are complicating things.

    I am happy that if Elizabeth immediately saw what I was saying then I have been exact enough in my post for everyone except the naturally argumentative 🙂

  13. Tracie, actually it’s the same over here. But life is too short to footnote everything you say in life. To be able to converse with normal human beings sometimes you just have to talk using generalities. Otherwise people get bored and walk away before you get to the end of your first sentence.

  14. :grumble:

    And it’s this kind of refusal to acknowledge nuances that has contributed to the overall dumbing down of the freakin’ populace.


  15. I acknowledge your nuances. But this post is not about nuance. It’s about broad brush strokes.

    You want nuance, go visit Preludium!

    It is the aim of OCICBW… to dumb down the liberals so that they stand a chance of winning something.

  16. But, Tracie’s inclusion of Wallace still holds. It can’t be very nuanced, if at the gentle age of 9 I was aware that during the 1968 election, in which Wallace ran as the candidate of the “American Independent Party,” he ran to the right of Nixon (I remember that election well, as I was embarrassed that while most of my classmates’ parents were voting for Nixon, my dad had little good to say about him. Who knew?).

  17. Okay, let’s make this really simple.

    I am asking for examples of people in the Republican party being shot by liberals (not by conservatives).

    So far, we have two.

    I’m a socialist, remember. That means that I am allowed to be as binary minded as a republican. You liberals can argue about nuance until the cows come home but as I’ve had an affirmation on this one from TELP herself, I’m sticking to my guns (although, in the circumstances, that is probably not the most sensitive of metaphors to employ).

  18. Dear MP, My great grandfather, a gentleman from North Mississippi, was a Republican. He left the South during the Civil War, fought for the Union, wore his Yankee uniform home after the war and voted for the Republicans in the Democratic South until the day he died. His children and grandchildren did the same. They were liberal Republicans. By the time I came along, my parents were the only Republicans and the only liberals among the parents of my peer group. The rest were conservatives and Democrats. That is the way it was in the South in the pre-Civil Rights era.

    All of the Southern Republican politicians we have now in our Congress were either once Democrats or have their roots in the Democratic Party. A few at a time and finally by wholesale defection, they all became Republicans. As they did that, those of us who were Republicans, became Democrats as these newly minted Republicans began changing the Republican party for the worse–making it so far to the right their left shoes were empty.

    Tracie was quite right. George Wallace was very much a conservative when he was in power in Alabama and very much a conservative when he ran for President and was gunned down. His son, George Wallace, Jr., is actually in Republican politics in Alabama now, not the Democratic party of his father.

    It took my father a long time to see it, but before he died he finally admitted that his liberal Democratic daughter was, in fact, being more true to her Republican ancestry by switching parties than she would have been by staying with a party name.

    A conservative/liberal is as a conservative/liberal does. It is “a rose (or a stink bug) by any other name.”

  19. I’m sorry, BooCat, but I got all confused about your family tree half way through the first paragraph of your comment and I slipped into a catatonic coma, which is an avoidance strategy my brain switches too whenever things get too complicated.

    But, simply looking at the incredible length of your comment tells me that you are obviously wrong, whatever you are saying.

  20. By the way, MadPriest, tell me this, while we’re at it:

    When was the last time WE had some wild Catholic revolutionary fill OUR Capitol building basement with gunpowder and attempt to set it off?

    Things that make ya go Hmmmmmm……

  21. he just doesn’t like it when buxom redheads are right.

    I can’t offer an informed reply to that comment as I’ve never met one who was.

  22. The Guy Fawkes thing was conservative against conservative and so it doesn’t count.

    MOAR, please! JUST KIDDING

    Only because guns are easier to buy than axes in the States.

    Horsehockey! You can get axes in your local hardware store or Wal-Mart.

  23. I’ve never met one who was.

    That is correct. That is because you haven’t met me yet. We have only ever conversed by computer.


  24. There was a Liberal doctor who virtually worshipped Franklin Delano Roosevelt who shot Huey Long, (then governor of Louisiana)who shot Long because he was afraid Long was going to run against FDR and take voters from the populist/Left side of the spectrum away from FDR.
    Huey Long died.

  25. f you think about it, Lincoln was a liberal and Booth was a conservative.

    I did think about it. That is what I am referring to in the second paragraph of the post.