Liberals believe everybody on the right is out to get them.

Conservatives believe everybody is out to get them.

Who is out to get you?



  1. Nobody is out to get me that I know of.

    Oh, PP. You must have such a very low opinion of yourself. But I think you are mistaken. I’m sure lots of people are out to get you really.

  2. You think non-sentient microbes are plotting against you, Chelliah. I’m going to put that down to a pantheistic, Asian background as the alternative explanation is that you are a paranoid schizophrenic who is probably out to get me.

  3. My scientific competitors, and the people who review my grants and manuscripts.

    Next question?

    (W/C: memism

    the attempt to define the world by memes)

  4. KJ, you really haven’t got the hang of this meme, have you? It’s all about perceived threats and, of course, evangelicals really are out to get you.

  5. Sometimes, a crazy @ss English priest. ;-/

    The Gender Binary, generally. Capitalism, of course. Manichean-style (Good/White versus Evil/Black distinctions, easily-drawn) fundamentalists (whether theistic or anti-theistic) All.The.Freaking.Time.

  6. Just a couple of members of a board that I sit on after I vote my conscience at tonight’s meeting.

    wv: whooffes {the sound my dogs make when they hear something they don’t like}

  7. “…evangelicals really are out to get you.”

    Well, seeing as evangelicals got rid of me, I’m confused as to why they would now be out to get me.

    You’re right. I’m not very good at paranoia.

  8. KJ, my innocent and trusting friend. They got rid of Trotsky, all the way to Mexico, remember (no, not the evangelicals but you have to admit there are similarities between Stalinism and some parts of the Biblically based wing of Christianity).

  9. I think you’ve been gotten more often than most of us round here, Jim. But look on the bright side. That means you are a lot more important than you thought you were.