1. It’s quite the event here in Galway. 1st HC is very big, like half-time quinceañera, if we celebrated it, which we don’t.

    PS No slippers. Sorry to disappoint.

  2. No slippers? Damn. I shall cancel my air ticket. My black and white patent-leather lace-ups are starting to crack. It’s back to the brown suede brothel-creepers.

  3. Will they have the Bob Mackie collection? I heard there is an outfit inspired by the infamous Cher Academy Award (non)dress…

  4. I thought you Suffolk types wore green Hunter wellies all the time – even in bed!

    Sorta like Texans & cowboy boots?

    I’ll have to post more Irish stories

    Yes, please. 🙂

  5. the infamous Cher Academy Award (non)dress…

    I love that outfit. Only Cher could wear it. That was the whole point of it. It’s so way out there it’s totally fabulous.

  6. Well, this went right over my head. When I read it I wondered if C.M. Almy and J. Wippell had both gone completely out of business. I had visions of models with dog collars, albs, stoles, chasubles and copes, strutting their stuff down a runway. It never once crossed my mind it might be the latest fashions for a first Communion. OMG, it is time for the Alzheimer’s check-up!