The Rev. Marshall Brown, associate rector at Truro Church, whose clergy helped lead 14 Virginia parishes to break away from the Episcopal Church after the 2003 election of the denomination's first openly gay bishop, has been fired for repeatedly using a church computer to surf for pornography

In 2005, Truro arranged for Brown, now 57, to get treatment for an Internet addiction after he reported having a problem, according to Bishop Martyn Minns, who was Truro's rector at the time and is now bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, the umbrella group of breakaway churches.

Minns, one of the leaders of Anglican conservatism, said in an interview this week that in 2005 he didn't ask his then-assistant for details about what kind of sites he was using - sexual or otherwise. The addiction experts who treated Brown told Minns "there was nothing illegal or involving children," but beyond that, Minns said, "I didn't ask too many questions."

Then, last month, Brown was removed for accessing "Web sites that would be considered pornography," said Truro Executive Director Warren Thrasher.



  1. Well, I just posted (at Episcopal Cafe) that I’m actually trying to resist *my* Schadenfreude. I see some of us are giving up w/o a fight! {JCF sniffed}

    Asking as token genderqueer here: men, do YOU want to be leered at by this perv Brown? (I betcha the wimmin will say you can have him! ;-p)

  2. You can’t cover Wingnuts w/o knowing the word Schadenfreude, MP (they give you opportunities to enjo …resist it, full of righteous superiority, regularly!)

    As far as poncey, long words go: I’m entitled (I’ve got the horrible student loans to prove it!)

  3. Since Minns led parishes out of the Episcopal church over someone else’s sexuality, why would he “NOT ask too many questions about an internet addiction in this priest? Funny what people are and are not curious about.

  4. Must not laugh. . .must not laugh. . .must not. .*gigglesnort* Yep, you can have him.

  5. Martyn-With-A-Y has quite a history of tolerating clergy misconduct, despite his success at promoting himself as the last of the old-time moralists.

  6. What Two Auntees said.

    Plus: I too really enjoy a moment of schadenfreude every so often. It is naughty, but I can’t seem to help it. 🙂

  7. Speaking as an Anglo-Catholic, he needs to be defrocked, just for having a friggin’ tambourine on Christ’s altar! >:-/

  8. “…he didn’t ask his then-assistant for details about what kind of sites he was using….there was nothing illegal or involving children…”

    By which you just know it was gay.

  9. These self-styled “conservative Anglicans” we have over here are so like their televangelist brethren that it’s no surprise when stuff like this happens. I can barely stifle my yawns over this. One might as well be astonished that the Sun, once again, rose in the East this morning…