1. Oh, that gave me a chuckle!

    Yes, I have that duty before me today.

    I did take the wreath off the door late last night and I’ll tackle the tree later this morning. (Oddly, I have a good chunk of free time in my schedule to do that.)

    The crèche stays up for a while, however!

  2. In the church the creche will stay up through Feb 6 when we will celebrate Candlemas a bit late.

    At home, I’m hoping the tree will last until then as well, but the city picks up discarded trees next Friday or Friday the 28th of Jan, so it might come down on Jan 27, if it’s still holding its needles.

    I hate taking down Christmas tat. I keep a small group of nativity figures on the mantle all year!

  3. I am rebelling. The kid and I have decided to take it down on Saturday. We need a few more days to get used to the idea of not having a giant inflated Snowman outside our front door.

  4. Is that (2 Feb) Ash Wednesday? [Don’t have an Ordo Kalendar yet—hope my parish stocks ’em]