Our good friend, Doorman Priest), has recently been told that he will never be ordained by his church even though he has been through all the training. The reason for this ridiculous and cruel decision is that he has occasionally posted stuff on justice issues on his blog and his bishop thinks that rocking the boat is the most horrendous sin a Christian can commit. I do emphasise that Jack is actually the epitome of a diplomat  compared to ordained bloggers such Elizabeth Kaeton, Mark Harris and Kelvin Holdsworth and has the reserve of our blessed Queen Elizabeth compared to yours truly.

He has posted on this injustice on his new blog WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS, SIR? and has received a load of supportive comments, many from readers of this blog. Today a comment was sent in by Brother Oswald which I think is extremely insightful and pertinent. I am flagging it up as my quote of the day as it speaks about much more than just Jack's situation.

So: too outspoken to be ordained but not too outspoken to remain in Lay Leadership. That's the sort of double-standard that makes the church a laughingstock. It is patronising, illogical and not at all theological. (Brother Oswald)


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  1. Rolls my eyes. The church is not at all what Christ had in mind. Ugh. Poor jack. Lucky for him god ordains whom he will – he doesn’t ask for the permission of the discernment committee or the bishop.

  2. It makes me soo angry. The church is having to increasingly rely on lay people to keep much of the activities going. This sort of division creates an artificial two tier of superiority and inferiority. Why is the CoE so backward looking?

  3. Being a bit thick, I did not realise who the ‘friend’ was at the blog.
    In Australia the denomination in question is known as being homophobic and misogynist. I considered that was because it mainly consists of immigrants hankering for the ‘old country’ not accepting that the old country has moved on. Perhaps it is similar in the UK. I would also suggest seeking other pastures.

  4. I’m still confused. Is D-P doing the “Letters to Penthouse” thang of “I have a friend who…”?

    Regardless, D-P (and/or his friend) have my prayers.

    The vocation discernment process ALWAYS seems to be hell-on-earth—God only knows why.

  5. Yes he is, JCF. I have no idea why. It’s a bit too late to start being a good boy now. He might as well enjoy himself and under his own name.

  6. “But isn’t spreading the Gospel all about rocking the boat?”

    “Yes Boaz, as long as you are always rocking somebody else’s boat. It must never be your own boat that you are rocking.

    “In Fundie-land (and it must surely be similar in other churches like DP’s) you will find that the leaders are people who have clambered, for safety, onto ever bigger boats that are harder and harder to rock. They are most averse to the little bit of unsettledness in the tum-tum that comes from a bit of boat-rocking.

    PS This mini-rant is in honour of DP who was my most faithful reader when I had a blog. I never was able to master the pithy post and DP would read my long rants all the way through and leave a comment. He is a good man who, as well as being a boat rocker, is unstinting in his encouragement.

  7. It is perhaps more common than you might think. I was too outspoken and political for the same man who sponsored my election to two diocesan conventions and the vestry. As a lay man I was someone he can disavow.


  8. It’s a bit too late to start being a good boy now. He might as well enjoy himself and under his own name.

    I can’t speak for our friend, but perhaps he wants to think a bit more before he burns the bridges down. Anyway, it’s his decision to make.

  9. Thanks to all who have commented here and at my place. Your good wishes and advice have been much appreciated.

    There have been some wonderful statements made at my place and I did steal some of your comments from here and reproduce them over there. I hope that is O.K.