Good news! My pure music podcast, "With All Your Soul" has been accepted as on ongoing series by iTunes. You can subscribe to it HERE. And please do, even if you dump it as soon as it hits your computer, as this will increase my ratings and, hopefully, get me noticed by people who would not naturally visit OCICBW.... The podcast links through to this blog. Officially, I will refer to this as mission. In reality, of course, its just me having a good time and realising a childhood dream of being a deejay on the radio.



  1. Under the terms of my PRS licence I am not allowed to do that. However, I mention the performers and song titles on the actual podcast and I have perfect diction.

  2. MadPriest, the reason I ask is that I have hearing loss. I don’t get all the words in the songs, and I miss even some of your perfect diction. Person to person and on TV and in movies, I do a good bit of lip reading, but in listening to a recording, I don’t have that advantage. Would a list by email violate the terms of the license?

    If the list is too much trouble….

  3. No can do on this one, but I will do so in the future (if I remember. Mind you, I bet you could hear a ten dollar note fall to the ground 50 feet away.

  4. I’d love to subscribe but I’m on linux and can’t get the itunes feed to work. Would you happen to have an rss or Atom feed I could subscribe to, pretty please?

  5. I enjoyed this. Is there a reason why it is not as loud as my other iTunes stuff. I stream it to my speakers?

    Are there any previous episodes?

    The other music that you’ve posted I can only play through my computer screen speaker so this is obviously a better arrangement. Thanks.

  6. My first ever iTunes subscription. Only for you, Crazy @rse (and the price was right—for an unemployed person, that is)