William Lindsey has posted an excellent article at THE OPEN TABERNACLE entitled "Cardinal Pell: Catholic Defense of Human Rights = My Right to Religious Freedom vs. Your Right to Same-Sex Marriage." It is a fascinating piece about how the Roman Catholic Church has perverted moral philosophy and how it employs disingenuous, passive aggressive techniques to influence the cultural and social politics of nations throughout the world. Go read!



  1. Uhh…so “religious freedom” = “not having people do things of which I disapprove, based upon my personal, theological understanding (or lack thereof)” ?

    I call bullsh*t on this one.

  2. Pell: the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, … has been significantly eroded and constrained wherever same-sex marriage has been legalised

    AT MOST, he’s confusing coincidence w/ causality.

    But in reality, the first claim is entirely bullsh*t. Rather, we see (ala the UK) some churches trying to stop other churches from solemnizing SSM (civil partnerships)!

    The thing that chaps my @ss the most, is that the Popoids are trying to maintain this high ground of “We claim the MORAL position, as opposed you secular relativists.”

    No, Popoid Pell has the IMMORAL position.

    {JCF, climbing on soap box}

    It all goes back to the Moral Framework I first described, my first year in seminary.

    Is God “God” because God is Good”?

    Or is Good “Good”, because God is Good?

    The FORMER is the faithful, Christian (TEC!) position (and Anglican—C.S. Lewis described it in “Mere Christianity”)

    The LATTER is the Popoid/ConEv/Islamicist/Wingnut/Fundie position.

    In this view, “Goodness” is defined as “WHATEVER My BrandX God Does”.

    Hell No! (to that, the latter!)

    If we CAN’T know God via goodness—compassion, empathy, self-sacrifice-for-the-other—then we CAN’T know God. Period.

    No BrandX “revelation” “theophany” will tell us jack-squat, if our perception of human goodness doesn’t.

    Human rights are GOOD. Therefore, they are OF GOD, by definition.

    Any purported “scripture” “revelation” “prophecy” says otherwise? SCREW IT!

    [Fortunately for Christianity, the Gospel is not such a (hateful) otherwise-claiming document. :-)]

    {JCF climbs off soap box}

  3. Your crusade against the Truth is finally winding down toward a well-deserved penury.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that the Truth (with a capital “T”) is always anonymous?

    Has anyone else noticed how anonymouses are always Twats (with a capital “T”)?

  5. Yeah, Anon, because Wealth is associated w/ entering the Kingdom of God. Oh wait…

    Tell us, Anon, about the well-appointed place you have to “lay your head”, just like Jesus had. Oh wait…

  6. And, Anon, the line your ilk traditionally likes to use in these situations, is “He saved others; he cannot save himself. {Mwahahaha!}” Now run along, and find a butterfly to pull off its wings…

  7. One also notices that Anonymous trolls almost always pronounce capital ‘T’ Truth with an extraneous syllable thrown in. Like they do with Juh-E-Sus ;->

    Oh, and what JCF said about God and Good…