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My colleague Islam Muhammad from the EU interfaith youth work conference lives in the street next to the church in Cairo which was bombed yesterday. He is in some distress as to the physical and spiritual damage that has been caused to his community by this gross act.


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On the 22nd I came down with something that kept me practically flat on my back for the next 9 days. So it all went on around me with only hazy memories as I appeared like Banquo's ghost for a couple of hours a day. Seasonal flu is not to be recommended.

It's a shame, as it's the one time of year when it is possible to totally relax and enjoy, and I feel I missed out.



An update to the SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES post.

From The A-Team:

Good news on both fronts: Shadow the tripod, has a gal in Florida willing to adopt him, so if NASRN can get the funds together, he'll have a forever home.

Erol had an MRI, and apparently has what's called coonhound paralysis, which he WILL recover from. He also now has a home.

As someone who has adopted 4 from NASRN, I have to say every one of them has been wonderful!


Mrs MP is back in the world of the living just in time to go back to work tomorrow. If I was Emperor of the Universe, I would make it the law that if you fall ill during a holiday then you get to take the same number of days off work at some other time.

Thanks for your prayers and advice concerning Mrs MP's migraines. She has already sent off for some of the supplements you recommended and when she goes to see her GP she now has all the relevant facts at her fingertips.



  1. Joe is also sick as a…well, very sick right now. Fever, cough, congestion, body aches. Being male, he stubbornly refuses to see a doctor to figure out what he’s got. It’s also very difficult to convince him to take any OTC cold preparations so he’s at least a little more comfortable. I managed to convince him to take some ibuprofen to bring his fever down. So he needs all the prayer he can get.

    At least he’s drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

  2. Tracie, when I read that a “gal in Florida” was adopting Shadow the tripod, I wondered for a minute if it might be you.

  3. It is law. If she submits a sick note to her employer then she is ‘off sick’ and not on holiday and can have the number of days restored to her holidays to be taken. Unless her contract specifically forbids this, which the majority don’t.

  4. Much happiness that the ill are feeling better and that the two dogs have people who want them; prayers for Joe to recover speedily. I agree–people who get sick on holidays and vacations should get a do-over.

  5. Prayers ascending for all listed here.

    I would also like to add a prayer concern of my own. On New Year’s day there was a fire in a mobile home that an extended family lived in. As a result, two boys, aged 5 and 6 died as well as their 73 year old grandfather. The parents and a brother escaped but with severe burns. All of three of the children went to the school that my kids attend.

    Please pray for the healing; physical, emotional, and spiritual, that this family will be going through.

  6. I think Theme may be right. I was sick once during what were supposed to be my holidays and my employer (this is in the UK, BTW) agreed to accept that my week off had been sickness instead.

    Prayers for all and I hope Joe can be prevailed on to go to the doctor. As to the number of legs he or Tracie may have, I’m sure I couldn’t rightly say.