To celebrate New Year's day here's another bunch of ne'erdowells who were spotted on the OCICBW... radar. Follow them everyday at THE NEIGHBOURHOOD - the god-bothering, anarcho-nihilists' Fox News.

Pilgrim of the Absolute.
Very Silly Person.
Hopeless Dreamer.
Aesthete. Christian.

And also the smuggler bloke off "Haven."

LIFE IN MERLIN: forsythia is married, with two daughters. She also has two grandsons. But far more important, she inherited a sweet tuxedo cat from her Mom and has joint custody with her younger daughter of an adorable pitbull.

WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS, SIR?: This is Jack closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

JACKIE'S JUNCTION ON THE HIGHWAY: Jackie states that she is "only what God allows me to be and nothing more." Which is good news because it means God digs weird and crazy.

QUAIL BY MAIL: Quail is a British clothing label, started in 2007. It produces ethical, fair trade and organic fashion - made in Britain! And bloody good it is, as well - especially the mens' shirts.

THE THEOLOGY DINER: Food for thought. Open all night.

Undercover Nun is a sister belonging to the Anglican Order of Preachers and works out of the Diocese of Southern Virginia. She said in a recent comment that she loved us all - so, obviously another nutty nun has joined the OCICBW... readership.

Seriously, though, her blog, which she puts together with two other a bit clever people, is good stuff - plenty to get your teeth into. I recommend it, big time.

WHAT'S THE STORY IN DALMORY: "The life and thoughts of Freda Marshall, a retired Church of Scotland minister living amongst the mountains and glens of Argyll."

Yes, once again, very nice and all that, but what gets Freda in is that she adores cats. This is her cat, Fox, who unfortunately died last year.



  1. “…another nutty nun…”


    What am I supposed to think of THAT, I wonder?

    By the way, you didn’t give us the link to Undercover Nun’s blog!

  2. Yes, I did. Click on THE THEOLOGY DINER.

    Nuns are either psychopathic sadists or nutty. Fortunately, we only get the nutty ones around here 🙂

  3. “Click on THE THEOLOGY DINER”

    Whoops. My bad. Thanks.

    Yeah, I’ve met my share of the psychopathic sadist nuns so I’ll accept “nutty” as a high compliment.

  4. Thanks for the link, Jonathan, and for the recommendation. Undercover Nun, Eric and I look forward to visits and comments from OCICBW readers.

    Head Waitress
    The Theology Diner

  5. Well, I am nutty, but I don’t THINK I’m a psychopathic sadist, probably more of a masochist. Why else would I volunteer to read Thomas Aquinas?!?

    However, I do have a ruler, and I’m not afraid to use it. Especially in cases of egregious puns.

    I can’t take credit for founding The Diner — that was all the Reverend Karen — but the Undercover Nun blog is around, too.

    I love you all!
    da Sista