OMG! They're buggered now. Or so believes the voice of Christo-fascism, ONENEWSNOW which states in a recent editorial:

Many pro-military pundits said they were sickened and angered last week when President Barack Obama ended 235 years of wholesome tradition by signing the bill that will effectively sodomize the U.S. military.

It must have been in the small print somewhere and we should have taken more notice because, far from being a victory for democracy this bill is obviously the antithesis of the democratic ideal. OCICBW... has been an outspoken champion for those who campaigned for the repeal of DADT legislation in the US military. We strongly believe that "gay" should not be illegal in any situation but neither should it be compulsory. Lining all the soldiers up against a wall and telling them to drop them is not on and, anyway, who on earth would volunteer to do it?



  1. Lining all the soldiers up against a wall and telling them to drop them is not on….

    ‘Fraid it is, or was in the olden days when the troops arrived in boot camp. The medical staff gave the order to line up, drop your pants, and cough when your turn comes. That’s what Tom tells me, anyway. I don’t know what the cough business is about, but there it is – or was.

  2. In 1968 I was called to take the draft “induction physical.” This was then at least the same exam whether you were actually going into the military or being considered for the draft (my situation.)

    One of the things the military did not want was someone with a hernia. We were lined up wearing only our underwear. A very bored looking medical technician proceeded to walk down the line changing gloves constantly as she checked us for hernias with the “cough!” command.

    Given a completely mechanical process where frankly we were simply parts in the machine, I don’t think any of us were traumatized.


  3. Well, it doesn’t look like the sodomizing is going to be a problem after all. It can just be done at the same time as the hernia check.

  4. Trust me Abuela, getting checked for a hernia during your first adolescent physical is nothing when compared to getting checked for prostate issues when you arrive at the early years of middle age!

    Especially if it was at a damned medical teaching university and all five students accompanying the proctologist get to have their turn.

  5. Would you mind if my five students examined you as well?

    Would you mind if we video the whole thing for teaching purposes?

    It’s very warm in here, would you mind if we all took off our clothes?

    Yes, Paul, I think you may be right. My only worry is that our young, Mexican friend may not have been aware of what was going on.

  6. Oh, he was very aware, laying there on that electric table face down with his drawers around his knees as it bends in the middle and leaves you hanging pitched forward, head down and ass-end up. It is all happening behind you, so you cannot see anything but the base of the table and the color of the floor.

    But you might as well be a cadaver for as aware as they are that you are actually a living being. “Yes, I want everyone to be sure to palpate on the left side. This specimen is a very healthy prostate and a bit small so you can feel all of the landmarks remarkably well. That small lump on the left is nothing to worry about, that is the vas deferens. Palpate over and notice its companion mirrored on the right.”

    I needed a shower afterward just to get off all of the KY jelly! And I cursed Alexa the whole time for insisting that we had to buy our health insurance with the most modern US-style hospital in town attached to one of the best medical colleges in Latin America.

    Guiermo and Pedro had the same experience, so when Alexa and Maria came back to the office after their first exams whimpering that they had pinched their boobies in the mammography machine, Memo, P-ro and I just said, “Talk to the hand because the face is not listening.”

  7. Yes, well a lot of porn seems to involve the idea that the sensitivities of the other person are of no consequence. (Or so I’ve been told. Ahem.) At least they used K-Y. LOL

    I’m sorry, David. You’ve given MP and me way too much material here but I know that, as with business travel, it is not as much fun as it sounds like.