One sweet-sounding national non-profit, Angel Food Ministries, may be more about sweetening its founders lives than those of the people they claim to help, according to the latest coverage of AFM by Melissa Nann Burke at theDaily Record in York, PA.

Burke has been tracking Angel Food Ministriesfor more than a year after a look at their 2008 federal tax records found the ministry, which sells low-cost groceries in communities across the country, was using millions in donations to provide a luxury life for its pastors. Now, she's seen the 2009 data and it's worse.

According to Burke:

"Mounting legal fees have drained the budget of a national food nonprofit whose sales have slumped in the past year. Angel Food Ministries Inc., headquartered in Monroe, Ga., spent more than $4.7 million in legal fees in 2008-09, according to tax documents filed with the IRS last month.

The 15-year-old organization wouldn't comment about its legal costs. Its tax documents disclose payments to lawyers defending AFM in a lawsuit filed by two former board members that has yet to conclude. The lawsuit alleges AFM's founding family members used the nonprofit to enrich themselves by millions."

Of course, as Christians we all know that this is the work of Satan who is just trying to discredit these good pastors and their friends. Even so, one can't help wondering if they should have taken more care in their appointment of accountants for the charity. Really, I can't see the accounts of our friend, Father Christian (for example), ever being so easily accessed by the authorities, let alone by mere investigative journalists.



  1. The Bible clearly teaches that keeping records is evil. Consequently one should never write anything down, and use cash whenever possible.

    If these people had been true Gafconeers they’d not only have stacked the firm’s board with family members, they’d also have engaged accountants who also just happen to be relatives. That way you can lose millions without anyone snooping around one’s personal affairs.

  2. I don’t understand it, Father. It’s not as if you keep your great wisdom to yourself. You have been applying Biblical exegesis to modern accountancy techniques for some years now and selflessly making your work available to everybody on your internationally respected blog. If people cannot be bothered to take your advice then, in my opinion, they only have themselves to blame when Satan takes the opportunity of their slackness to heap shame upon them.

    Personally I have found that following your advice concerning non-standard investment opportunities to be extremely profitable and very useful in what could have been very embarrassing situations. Fort example, the last time MadPriest Towers was visited by the serious fraud squad I simply passed on to them some of your advice about maximising expenses claims and they were as sweet as pie. They didn’t even want to see my accounts, which was fortunate as my dog had eaten them only minutes after I received the letter telling me they would be popping round for a chat.