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A friend pointed out to me that I've posted precious little to my blog over the past two weeks. This is due to having been away in Buffalo for my brother Blane's ordination, and the following day, and returning home to Christmas week to find my parish church had been burgled — the consequent dealing with detectives, insurance adjusters, locksmiths and repair people being at least as trying as the break-in itself. There is a news report from the NY Times, if you are interested in more detail.


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Someone asked me, "Are you OK?"

Few people have any idea how much energy and effort I have expended throughout my life in an attempt to persuade myself and the world at large that I am indeed OK - when for the most part I don't even know what being OK actually means.

Sometimes people respond to such solicitude by saying, "I'm as well as can be expected under the circumstances."

But what if those circumstances are the conditions of human existence: darkness, ignorance, finiteness, helplessness? What if the ingredients of this particular festive dish include disappointment, disillusion, the weight of unfulfilled social expectations?

Oh, did I tell you by the way? I'm down with the flu.


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I'm having surgery for a torn meniscus on Tuesday. Here's the quick info:

I won the torn meniscus lottery. Most of the time, they have to be removed (which means a speedy recovery, but higher likelihood of arthritis later on). My tear happens to be in the place where it can be stitched up (maybe-- they never know for sure until they're in there).

The surgery's arthroscopic, so no worries about scars marring my sexy knees. (BWAHAHAHA. Knees are very, very silly looking.)

Recovery's going to take a while, and hurt like heck.

BUT, my timing's perfect. If there's any ideal time to be housebound, it's January-February-March. This way, when my favorite seasons come, I'll be well on my way to being healed.


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My unseasonal grump was, as much as anything, the onsent of a mildly unpleasant winter chill (aches etc). So, after struggling through a Christmas Day 8 hour shift, I phoned in sick today and kept warm and snoozed.




Thanks for the prayers. I got home the next day and am all better now (although I have a brand new hatred for hospitals).

I am now on a restrictive heart-healthy diet for at least the next 6 weeks until I get some better blood test results.
For now I'm not drinking coffee, not eating salt, sugar, butter or cream, and trying to exercise every day. As you can guess, it is pure misery. (But a misery that I'll gladly take, to be honest.)

John the Apostle, pray for us.



  1. Thanks for the prayers. The damage at the church is being worked through… and news coverage has brought forth folks whose parents were members fifty years ago, and even one octagenarian who last attended when she was 14!

    God works in mysterious ways, or all Times are in God’s hand.

    Peace to all