We thank you, Lord, for hangovers, tiredness, piles of dirty plates and all other reminders that we had a brilliant time yesterday.


THANKSGIVING 26TH. DECEMBER 2010 — 10 Comments

  1. Beloved Partner is still digging out from behind the dirty dishes – and there are only two of us, plus the dog, and the dog only uses one plate, over and over! Hope everyone had a good day. Now for the New England U.S.A. blizzard…

  2. What fun are the oughts on a holiday feast?

    Even if it was as simple as the one I prepared for Christmas Day for my roomies and the nephew and his boyfriend. It was just cold food for eating when you felt the need; sliced, smoked pork loin with a chipotle and cranberry salsa, cold baked beans, two potato salad, a fresh fruit salad, assorted crackers & cheese and buttery croissants. (The two potato salad is any regular picnic potato salad recipe that you like, but substitute half the potatoes with sweet potatoes.)

    We celebrated Noche Buena here in Monterrey as a family sit down meal that Alexa and Maria prepared, exchanged gifts and went to Church afterward.

    We decided that with what has been happening on our federal highways lately, the timing and the fact that a three car caravan looks like a three car caravan and attracts too much attention, that we would not go home to our village this Christmas. My parents said everything at home was low key as well.

    We shipped gifts to each other and hooked up with FaceTime on the Macs connected to large screen TVs for our gift exchange. It worked really well, everyone at home was at my parent’s house and we here in Monterrey were all in Alexa’s & Guiermo’s apartment. We had fun and even sang a few carols together.

  3. That’s all good, Hermano David. Our family did the same thing yours did, for different reasons. It was too cold and too expensive to fly, and too far to drive. Regarding the Oughts, I was just trying to make a joke, however lame, in response to KJ’s joke.

    Merry Christmas Monday 1 everyone!