Due to my dental health problems my general health over the last couple of months has been rather poor, more so than I have been letting on. The abscesses made me feel ill all over and wore me down mentally. Blogging was a real chore. The main victim of my malaise has been St. Laika's as, to be honest, I just didn't feel like talking and concentrating on anything was like walking through mud.

However, the surgery on Tuesday was a major success. I'm not in any pain anymore, I've got my energy back and my mind feels like someone has turned the light back on. In fact, I'm quite hyper at the moment. PTL!

I've now got two days to get ready for Christmas (I couldn't really be arsed with it before). Therefore, blogging will be light as I have a lot to do (shopping and stuff) but I hope to have St. Laika's back up and running for Christmas.

So, my apologies, especially to those who have been waiting for replies to emails. Hopefully, the fortitude with which I coped with my abject misery has been an example to little martyrs everywhere, especially the men among you who, alone, will appreciate the suffering I have been through. There is no pain greater than a man's pain.


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  1. Yes, I laughed out loud. Definitely out loud. Especially at that last sentence.

    (Apologies, of course, to those male human beings among us who are, you know, just regular people….)

  2. Chronic pain can absolutely impact every part of your life. Glad to know that you are feeling well. May you and Mrs. MP have a very merry Christmas and a well and happy new year.

  3. I am so pleased to hear it all went well. I am unimpressed with the idea that men suffer more. Women are simply tougher.

    I do know that untreated dental pain can simply destroy a person’s ability to function. With all the crap we hear on this side of the pond about British dental care at least you can get it. Medicare does not provide it so a great many Americans simply suffer or stand in line interminably at dental schools or other charitable venues. (Thank heavens for them!)


  4. Oh, Jim. You are so easily fooled. Especially by women, it appears. Think about it! How can they be tougher when they are the weaker sex?

    Now please, stay on side from now on. It’s difficult enough being a man in a woman’s world without you talking silly nonsense and giving them ideas.

  5. Pain having to do with teeth makes life orders of magnitude more miserable. Glad you’re feeling better. I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas.

  6. Just an addendum to the “Bugger it’s Christmas” series:

    A local Boston production – “I Want a Zoo for Christmas”, performed by Summer Villains and Three Day Threshold; Written by Joe Pleiman

    flash file

    info page

    Happy Christmas all!

    Joan [cheers from Boston] Rasch

  7. I am so glad it went well and you are feeling better. Since I now have my third abscess this year I sympathize big time. May you have no more dental problems!!!!

  8. Great news! [Sorry I sent you a too-long email before reading this]. I don’t know about the male – female thing. I’m trying to stay away from controversy for the next few days. What counts is that you’ve gotten some relief and can now enjoy the holidays. TBTG for something going right. Enjoy!


  9. Oh dear. Somehow I had the impression it was just one abscess in question. More than one?? Good God! You poor scruff!

    I hate having dental work done, of any kind.

    Joe is definitely stronger than me; my last go-round in the chair, I burst into panicked tears at the very SIGHT of the needle for the local anasthesia. Joe had to come in and calm me down and hold my hand while I struggled to receive just that shot.

    I don’t mind injections in other body parts. I get a flu shot every year. But in my mouth? It’s so much more painful and unbearable.

    I’ve decided to find a new dentist, btw. The one I saw when I started bawling at the sight of the needle had a very bad, unsympathetic chair-side demeanor. Not only did he lose his shit with me over the needle, he yelled at me when I was having gag reflex as he tried to x-ray the left side of my mouth. Very unpleasant dentist.

  10. “There is no pain greater than a man’s pain.”

    Run that through MadMom, and get back to me. ;-/

    Merry Christmas, and a Prosperous and HEALTHY New Year to you Crazy @rse!

  11. Good on you MP!

    I’m off to my dentist with your post in hand. I’m sure I must have a secret abcess in one of my teeth and I want some of my energy back.

  12. I interrupt this program to tell you that my oyster casserole came out delicious. My mouth is watering for it already.

    I tasted a few of the oysters before I chopped them up to put them in the pot with the rest of the ingredients, and they were gooood.

    I can’t go tell it on the mountain, so I thought OCICBW was the next best choice after WB, where I first bragged.

  13. The HELL. Why the fuck didn’t you say anything before? FFS, MadPriest, I’m the last person who should be lecturing you, but let me (given, in my utterly hypocritical way of saying do what I say not as I do) lecture you that friends are there to share with. Especially in really grim cases where something can actually be done about it.