It's okay, everybody. The moon is back. I've just seen it. The pagans were lying to us again. It wasn't eaten by the Maenads. That's just a silly story they used to tell children to scare them into behaving themselves and which has been completely replaced in these more enlightened times by the child eating Santa Claus and his evil elves.


SOME GOOD NEWS — 13 Comments

  1. Oy! I despair! I am a member of The Order of the Red Nose, and so wish the patriarch no harm.

    While it is very good news that the moon has not been eaten, it is very bad news that the same cannot be said of the children.

  2. They had been warned that they better not pout, they better not cry and that they better be good for goodness sake. It’s their own fault that they got eaten.

  3. Child-disemboweling Santa Claus (as certified by Anya, nee’ Anyanka, 1000+ year-old ex-vengeance demon, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    Of course, it’s possible he eats those (delicious!) entrails afterwards…

    wv, I kid you not: “unded” (un-dead)

  4. A Father Christmas is easily set off by any sort of naughty behavior. BEWARE.

    Yes. The moon is back. Fenris didn’t get it.

    It’s blue. I saw it standing alone. Unfortunately, at the time, I was without a dream in my heart or a love of my own.

  5. Whoooeee!! Just got in from our Solstice vigil. Last night it was the eclipse. No, wait, that’d be night before last. It’s today now; it’s not yesterday still. Hey, it still feels like Monday to me. Ha!

    No, I’m not intoxicated (more’s the pity). Just sleep deprived. 😀

    But no, the moon will be eaten by a wolf. Not the Maenads. The sun will also be swallowed by a wolf. And Fenris will consume Odin too. Dem’s some ravenous wolves, yeah baby.

    OK off to bed.

    Bright Yuletide blessings from the crazy Vikings and happy New Year!